Starbunz Animal Cloth Diapers Now In Malaysia

Starbunz cloth diapers are really unique – you truly won’t find another cloth diaper like it from anyone else.


All the design and conceptualization was ingeniously thought up by Laura, a WAHM (work at home mother) to 2 boys. She used to do everything herself (from cutting to sewing to shipping to promoting). Nowadays she still cuts the fabrics and applies snaps, but she has a contractor do the sewing (it would take far too long to sew everything up herself)

Here’s the process (if it doesn’t exhaust you just reading this you’re a better woman than me!) : Every appliqué has to be die cut, which is then sent to the embroidered, who receives cut diaper pieces and makes the cutesy animals. Then they come to me for hidden snaps, then off to the contractors where they meet more die cut ears, then finally back to me for the last snaps. It is about a two week process to get a run of these puppies made, and the whole time my kiddles and I are driving to and fro to make sure things are running smoothly. This is definably a full time job! I consider myself more a work-in-car mom than a work-at-home mom, lol.

Laura of Starbunz

These diapers are extra extra cute (even in the world of already cute diapers). But an even better thing about them is the way they perform. When you hold one in your hand, you can definitely tell why these demand a premium. The materials used are thick and lush to stand up for repeated washings, all the designs are sewn on straight, and the super thick binding with strong elastic around the legs and back opening are super good at containing messes (no more leaks!) At the same time, they contour so well with baby that they really are like what Laura advertises “wrapping your baby in a cloud”. Every curve on this diaper has been carefully scrutinized to follow a baby’s curves, it really does fit like a dream on most babies. The Starbunz diapers are available in :


All In Ones : M$120

  • One complete and leak proof diaper all in one piece
  • Quick drying time
  • Two hemp soaker pads are coupled together into the binding
  • Fleece topped for a stay-dry feel
  • Hidden 3 size adjustable snap setting
  • Nighttime rating of 8 hours
  • Daytime Rating of 5 hours

Pockets (stuff in the insert) M$91 without insert:

Just like the Covers, except with an opening under the binding (guaranteed no wicking or leaks!). Two pieces of partial inners are cleverly coupled to overlap at a sweet looking angle that allows for more of stretch for easier stuffing and removing.

  • Works well with most commercially available inserts
  • Quick drying time
  • Hidden 3 size adjustable snap setting
  • Unique contoured design fits beautifully
  • Night time rating of 12 hours
  • Daytime rating of 5 hours

Covers M$84:

Exactly like the AIO, except without the attached soakers. This is a perfect cover which can be used with any fitted diaper – it’s on the generously stretchy size to accomodate your fitted diaper’s bulk.

Alternatively, you can fold up a lampin or a prefold and just use the cover on top (no need to use pins or snappi, the cover will keep everything in place)

Inserts M$26 each


Starbunz Inserts are just as thoughtfully designed as the diapers. It’s a truly unique 3 wing butterly fold, joined along the long side to prevent shifting and to remain really trim. It will open up for quick drying. Made out of 100% cotton because cotton holds up the longest over time and is easiest to wash. Believe me, these inserts are so soft and are a good weight, proving their quality. Tiny Tapir is proud to be the first to Starbunz Diapers in Malaysia. Please click the tapir below to check out what’s in stock!

tapir stepping

Immediately Available designs :


Natural Puppy , Monkey , Lion , Cheetah

blue puppink pup

Blue Puppy , Pink Puppy , Panda

Coming Soon designs :

cow pigduck

Cow , pig , tiger , duck


2 thoughts on “Starbunz Animal Cloth Diapers Now In Malaysia

  1. Hi, i would love to buy the starbunz stuffer diaper with inserts. Will be happy to have the cow and tiger print (^_^) Please reply to me asap.

    Fiffy (^_^)

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