Thirsties Fab Fitteds and Covers

Now available at Tiny Tapir, the Thirsties Fab Fitted is widely acknowledged to be one of the best fitteds available on the market. Pair it with the Thirsties Diaper Cover and you’ll have a super easy, convenient and leak proof diapering system in place.

About Fab Fitteds

Trim (without compromising absorbency thanks to Thirsties unique waffle weave microfiber inners, which can absorb up to 7 times their own weight) and curved for active babies, Thirsties Fab Fitted are fabulously comfort and function.

Outsides are lush soft cotton velours, while inners are Thirsties Microfiber (guaranteed to stay non-pilled longer than any other fabric), keeping baby dry. Encased elastic wraps snugly yet gently around baby’s legs and torso and provides superior protection from leaks.

Simply wrap around baby and secure with the sturdy Aplix velcro closures.

Great for heavy wetters!

You will likely notice that this diaper maintains its appearance and supple feel longer than many other brands on the market.

Made in the USA by work at home mothers.

Care + Content

Fold over velcro laundry tabs after use. Wash on hot with ½ recommended amount additive-free detergent.

It is very important to use residue-free detergent.

No fabric softeners, no bleach. Dry in dryer or hang to dry.

Inner Soaker and inner liner – 100% polyester
Outer layer – 15% polyester/85% cotton


About Thirsties Diaper Covers

Made from a single layer polyester laminate for optimal breathability and hassle-free washing.

Diaper Covers can be used multiple times – you probably can use 2 Covers with 6 fitteds to last for 6 diaper changes (simply rotate the covers every time you change the fitted, to air out the last used cover).

The laminate that lines the inside of the soft polyester can be wiped clean between uses.

Then toss in the washer with your diapers and dry on low heat or line dry.

Secures with Aplix velcro for a perfect and secure fit everytime. Only the best in components are used in every Thirsties Diaper Cover: Aplix velcro and Lastin elastic that will not wear out or stretch out. Leg gussets provide advanced leakproof protection and bindings are super soft against baby skin and will not wick moisture onto baby’s clothes.

X-Small size features an umbilical cut out for newborns and all sizes offer convenient fold-over laundry tabs
Can be used with any type of flat, prefolded, contoured or fitted cloth diaper.

Care + Content

Machine wash warm or hot (below 95 degrees). Dry on low or hang to dry for extended wear

100% Polyester


Pet the Tapir to buy a Thirsties Fab Fitted or Diaper Cover :

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