Tiny Tapir is up and running

I can’t believe it’s been well over a month since I put the blog on hiatus!

Finally, the new store at http://www.tinytapir.com is ready to take orders.  It’s been a tough 6 odd weeks trying to fit in all the inventorying, photo-taking, photo-editing, writing up descriptions and just figuring out the site.  Phew! Glad the majority of it has been done!

A big thank you to Purr Design as well for their lovely work, I quite like the look of the new site – very clean, and of course the tapir logo is sweetness personified.

My sister ‘stole’ my EOS Rebel SLR camera to Taiwan *sniff* so I’m afraid some of the photos are a little washed out too.  Not happy about it, but will just have to do something about it later.

I’ve input over 80% of the old stock (just have the photos for cloth pads to go!) and we have some really exciting new products too.. for example…

Check out our roo shoppers! They are selling out super quick, and the animal photo ones are really limited because the manufacturer is reaching the end of their production run for those – so snap them up quick as you can. The mini size is PERFECT for taking going out to buy lunch in the office.

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