Happy Tushie Wetbags

Happy Tushie wonderbags are a little bit different from regular wetbags – and that’s what makes them especially great for going out with your cloth diapering child.

Every wonderbag has 2 separate waterproof compartments, so it’s like getting 2 wetbags in 1. This means you can put your clean diapers in one side and when they get dirty you can keep the dirty one in the other compartment. There are 3 sizes – Mini, Regular and Large (we only stock the Mini and Regular right now). Here’s some photos to show you exactly why the wonderbags are so fabulous

On the top you can see the Regular wonderbag on the bottom and a Mini wonderbag on the top. The little white snaps you can see snap together so you end up having a square shaped wetbag to easily put in your diaper bag.

On the bottom are 4 Single Thirsties Inserts, stuffed Rumparooz One size Diapers (which fit from 4 months to Potty Learning). I actually ended up using 8 Rumparooz Diapers in the end to completely fill up the Regular Wonderbag.

OK, first the Mini Wonderbag

On the left is an empty Mini Happy Tushie Wonderbag with one compartment opened.  You can see how it’s sewn to be ‘wickless’ – no leaking or smells are escaping this wetbag!

On the right I’ve stuffed in 2 Rumparooz One Sized Diapers – as you can see it’s a very snug fit.  You can *just* do up the zipper.

All in, I can stuff in 4 Rumparooz One Sized Diapers in the Mini size – but I can’t snap it together when I do that.  I can (again *just*) snap it together with 2 diapers on one size and 1 diaper on the other.

So the maximum capacity is 3 One Sized Diapers for the Mini Wonderbag.

Of course, if you are using a fitted system you can definitely fit 2 covers and a fitted in 1 compartment.

Above is the Mini Wonderbag stuffed with a total of 3 diapers (2 in 1 compartment and 1 in the other).

Now for the Regular Happy Tushie Wonderbag

On the left I first stuffed one compartment of the Regular with 2 Rumparooz One Sized Diapers.  They look kinda lost in there right… So I added another 2 on the right, for a total of 4 Diapers in 1 compartment.

As you can see, there’s still a lot of space in the top – more than enough to put as many wipes as you want or even stuff a small change of clothing.  The compartment easily zips up with 4 diapers.

Here I’ve filled both compartments with 4 diapers each for a total of 8 Diapers in both compartments.  On the right is the Regular wonderbag with all 8 diapers laid flat (i.e. unsnapped)

Above are various views of the Regular Wonderbag all snapped up with 8 diapers inside.

Last but not least, some photos of the Snap Tag system which is also another standout Happy Tushie Feature.

On the left is the un-snapped snap tag.  One compartment will have a fully sewn in loop, which is not snappable, the other compartment has a long strip with the snap tags on it.  The loop can be used to hang up the wetbags like so in your bathroom :

Alternatively, you can slip the long strip through the loop and snap it to have a fully secure system to snap onto your pram, your diaper bag, your backpack – or really anything at all.  It’s also handy to have in public changerooms / toilets when changing your baby.  Instead of having to put the wonderbag on something dirty, just hang it off any available hanger for easy access to both compartments.

Happy Tushy Wonderbags are a fabulous addition to all cloth diapering regimes – cute prints and beautifully made, not to mention super functional.  And after baby grows out of diapers it’s great for use to carry home wet swimming things or changes of clothing or even carrying bottles in case of leaks etc.

I quite like using the mini wonderbag as a secure toiletry bag on my out of town trips too!

To see what Tiny Tapir has in stock of the wonderbags, click the tapir below :


One thought on “Happy Tushie Wetbags

  1. OMG! These wetbags are making me drool and eye-catchy…the prints are heavenly and lovely…I noticed in the e-store, you have more than six of the regular prints in stock but the thumbnails/picture gallery has less than that to view. Pls update the thumbnails or picture gallery…

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