Daisy Doodles – Trainers and Diapers

Daisy Doodles are Re-stocked – additions of Extra Large Diapers and Trainers as well as some gorgeous Bamboo Velour Premium Trainers and Snap in Soakers

DD Trainers are designed to be pulled up just like underwear – for fussy toddlers who just ‘refuse to be in diapers’ anymore, but still don’t have full control, these trainers are also a great way to potty train.

Bamboo Velour on the other hand is extra soft, comfy and breathable for your child, they’re sure to be super happy to put on these bamboo inner trainers and diapers (you can purchase the bamboo velour soakers for use with your existing Daisy Doodle AI2 Shell).

These turquoise floral prints are also gorgeous – so stylish and perfect for the discerning mummy.

On the other hand, these cute little aliens and spaceships are sure to appeal to a lot of little toddling boys.

Why we love Daisy Doodles

They are just super trim unlike most cloth diapers, and can be worn under ‘normal’ clothes like jeans and pants. They’re precision sewn so that soakers fit *exactly* into their shells to give the maximum trimness with the least likelihood of leakage.

The 2 part soaker and shell diaper system also means it’s great savings for your total diapering package – you only have to buy 2 shells, and then as many soakers as you need (soakers are cheaper than buying a whole diaper) and just change the soakers during the day.

This system will last longer too, as less sewn in components means the diaper will be more resilient to long term use – the outer waterproof layer can be line dried to maximize its life while the inner soakers can be thrown into the dryer for faster drying.

Of course, not to mention that they are great value for money, with each diaper starting from $58 only!


5 thoughts on “Daisy Doodles – Trainers and Diapers

  1. Just wondering how these compare to the one-life nappies that we’ve been using for the last 10 months since our daughter was born?
    Have you ever used/tested the one-life nappies?

  2. Hi Daniel, there’s a few differences between onelife and daisy doodles. I haven’t tried onelife, but I looked at their site and here’s the main differences :

    1. One-life nappies are a Fitted Diaper and Cover – that means you have a full diaper underneath which does not have a waterproof layer – then you add the waterproof outer cover. It’s similar to a Thirsties Fitted and Cover system

    Daisy Doodles are an AI2 system – which means that you get 1 diaper only – the outer waterproof shell, then you only change out the insert soakers inside.

    2. Although I haven’t seen a One life nappy in person, I can guarantee you that DD are definitely going to be trimmer – they are bikini cut, which means they are super trim, the onelife just looks like a normal cut diaper

    3. onelife diapers are One size – which means they will last from about 3 months to potty learning. DD are sized diapers – which means they come in Small, Medium, Large and XL – so they will fit your baby better than a onelife diaper, but conversely they will cost more over time as you have to buy more than 1 set of diapers

    4. Not sure where onelife diapers are made after a cursory search on their site. DD are made by one woman who works at home (she’s the founder of DD).

    5. onelife diapers are made of 100% cotton (not organic). DD are made of a variety of materials including hemp for better absorbency and bamboo velour which is softer than onelife

    Frankly the onelife one size folding system looks a little wrong… do you get a lot of wing droop or diaper shifting when using it? Most one size diapers have snaps down the front of the diaper too to keep the diaper from moving about when sized down – have a look at the rumparooz and you’ll see what i mean..

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