Rumparooz real life photos are up

Finally the ‘real’ photos of Rumparooz diapers are all up in the store.   I have to say it’s quite an effort to photograph and then edit and upload all the diaper photos…. and as you can see I’m quite a bad photoshopper so all the editing is really painful to do!

Here’s my personal favorite of the Rumparooz – the Fuzzy PUL Jungle print.  The photo came up a bit washed out, but it is just such a CUTE diaper!  It’s very soft to touch as well, as Fuzzy PUL is  something like minky – like those furry stickers  I used to  play with when I was a kid.

This is a Cuddle Flat Ivory Rumparooz – again very soft and silky – slightly softer than the Fuzzy PUL.  The wings at the front are made out of stretchy elastic material to better ‘ hug’ the baby.  And you can see the back elastic which is very strong to stop ‘poop explosions’ out the back of the baby.

I love these one size diapers, they are a great choice for parents because they can be used almost from newborn until potty training, so it’s a great investment.  And the unique channels and design on the inside means that there’s unlikely to be any leaks.

In fact this diaper is so good that there’s a huge demand for them in the USA, until the manufacturer can’t keep up with the demand.

In the diapering world, sometimes there are certain brands (like El Bees, Goodmamas and Muttaqins) that are super ‘stalked’ – meaning mothers will stay up all night staring at their computer screens waiting for the diapers to be posted for sale and then they will ‘pounce’ to buy it (honestly, I’ve seen some of those diapers and they are really expensive and in my honest opinion not good value for money).

Well, Rumparooz are the only diaper I know of where even the wholesale store has to be stalked by resellers in order to stock their stores!  In recent stockings, we resellers were even restricted to 1 diaper per style so that all the resellers had a chance to stock some rumparooz at all.  That’s how good this diaper is.

Of course, not all diapers fit / suit all babies, so there are babies not suited to the Rumparooz.  But if they do fit, I bet this will be the only diaper you’ll want in your diapering regime!


2 thoughts on “Rumparooz real life photos are up

  1. A very colourful diaper montage! We’ve been trying to do our bit for the environment and use some of the (old-style) cloth diapers we bought, but it’s mainly given us a greater appreciation of how difficult things must have been for our mothers in the era before disposables [or today’s ‘improved’ cloth diapers].

    By the way, thanks for the hello over at our blog!

  2. hey thanks for visiting!

    Yep, I’ve no idea how parents used to deal with lampin back in the past… i think the extra hassle put extra pressure on them to potty learn kids faster

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