Platypus Bottles Re-stocked

Finally!  Platypus Bottles are now fully re-stocked, with a few new interesting accessories.  Platypus bottles are taking Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia by storm – everyone wants one.

Now with the increased cost of living, doesn’t it make sense to carry around your own drinking water? Is anything more expensive (to your pocket and to the environment) than bottled drinking water?

With a water filter at home and a platypus in any pocket or bag (the flexible lightweight design makes it so easy to carry around), you can have clean water wherever you go – for free!  Not to mention of course they are easy to hold and drink from with the choice of 3 types of caps available now.

These bottles are BPA safe, won’t leach and water won’t smell or taste bad after sitting in the bottle for a day – in fact, I’ve left my filled platypus in my hot car for days – and the water is still as taste and smell free as the day I filled it into the platypus.  Try doing that with a Metal Bottle or a normal plastic bottle. blecch.

These bottles sold out during the Star’s Green Day Fest.  In fact there was one person who wanted to purchase my personal 1L platypus (I was using it as the sample bottle).  Even after I told the couple that I’d used that bottle for almost 2 years, they still wanted to buy it! (no I didn’t sell it to them, that would just be weird…)

Other than the 0.5L and 1L bottles which Tiny Tapir previously stocked, there’s also (very) limited numbers of the 2L Big Zip :

This mama can be opened up at the base for really thorough cleaning.

There’s also the Bite Valve, which is truly hands free drinking – simply bite on the mouthpiece to release water :


12 thoughts on “Platypus Bottles Re-stocked

  1. Hi Karenmarie, it’s actually contoured in the middle so you have a way to grab it one handed for drinking.

    The 0.5L one is just the right size for single hand holding and drinking. The 1L one is great for guys to hold (bigger hands) – when it’s full I can drink from it one handed, but when emptier I need both hands (one to tip up the bottom so the water flows to the top)

    It’s not floppy plastic – imagine like those plastic ribena bladders – they will actually stand up on their own… lol think i should do a video..

  2. Hi Joyce. This isn’t really for toddlers to use – it’s for adults. Maybe toddlers can handle the 0.5L one but I have never tried it and i think it would be easier for them to use a nice non-BPA sippy cup.

  3. i’m very interested in getting these for myself though. Do you have a physical shop that i can pick it up from or i have to place order from you?

  4. Hi Pamela, Yes you can arrange to pick up at our physical store which is at 9 Lorong Damai 9, off Jalan Damai, very close to KLCC.

    However, we’ve just sold out of the Platypus bottles (again!), re-stocking will be in about 2 weeks.

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  6. How much u selling it?
    Cos I got mine in Australia and it cost me a bomb. The one i got from australia is even fire when going to camping, i can place it ontop of the campfire n have warm water later…
    is yours like this?
    btw, will u go to KL babywearers again? maybe u bring some products to sell…
    thanks ya

  7. Hi Rachel, It’s RM28 for the 0.5L and RM38 for the 1L. But I don’t think it’s fire proof!!! You can put warm water into it, but definitely can’t put it into a fire.

    That’s probably why yours cost a bomb! What brand was it?

    Not sure if we’ll be at KL babywearers this round. We do have parenting sessions at our Teeny Tiny Tapir center though, and you are welcome to drop by (on appointment).

  8. hi tiny tapir, im very interested in this. my sister bought it last 2 years that is on 2009. my sister bought it at this night market at klcc. umm. where can i buy this bottle. cuz its very interesting.

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