Baby Kangas – New in Store!

Baby Kangas by Jamtots are a One Size Diaper good from 10 – 35 lbs, that’s pretty much from 1 month old to Potty Learning!

Why are they called Baby Kangas? Because, unlike most pocket diapers, the opening for the insert is at the front of the diaper – just like the pocket for a mama Kangaroo!

And unlike other pocket diapers, Baby Kangas have an innovative zip and wide opening design so that you never have to soil your hands with escaping inserts.

Baby Kangas come in a pretty colorful waterproof outer and with a thin, squishy microfleece inner to keep baby dry.

The wide opening means no more having to stick your hand in somewhere ‘icky’ to pull out an insert. Simply unzip the wide mouth and shake out the inner over your diaper pail or washing machine. The insert will just fall right out!

Here’s a pictorial of how to use a Baby Kanga, credits to the manufacturer’s site :

Step 1 : Snap down the rise settings if desired. Do not snap down if you require the highest rise setting.

This shows the Baby Kangas set on the middle rise setting :

Step 2 : Unzip the pouch

Step 3 : Insert insert of your choice into the pocket diaper

Step 4 : Zip the pouch back up.

Voila! Your Baby Kanga One Size Pocket Diaper is Ready to Use! (shown on the smallest setting below) :

Washing Instructions (same as for most diapers)

Store in a dry diaper pail between uses, do a cold soak, a warm or hot wash with a few teaspoons of regular liquid laundry detergent followed by 2 cold rinses. Throw in dryer or hang to dry.

Do not use any fabric softeners, bleaches or whiteners.

Quantity Discount

Baby Kangas are available for purchase with Quantity Discounts as follows :

Buy 2 Less 3%

Buy 3 Less 7%

Buy 5 or more Less 10%


5 thoughts on “Baby Kangas – New in Store!

  1. Hi Julian, you can use any type of insert, microfiber, hemp or cotton – we stock inserts in our store too 🙂

    • hi adura, nope, we prefer not to sell CD with the insert included as most people who have CD for a while have too many inserts already. However, we sell insert separately and the price is really more or less the same as those places which package it together.

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