Berry Plush Minky All In Two Cloth Diapers – New!

These gorgeous Minky Cloth Diapers by JamTots are sure to be a favorite with your baby, who won’t be able to stop patting their nice squishy diaper!

6 month in a Berry Plush Dalmation print cloth diaper

These are super soft all in two diapers – the soft minky cover with snaps and the lay in tri-fold insert – just like the Daisy Doodles, all you need is 2 covers and multiple snap in inserts to last you through the entire day – cost savings while still getting all the soft squishy minky love you want.

The Medium + Large sizes have snaps both in the inside front of the diaper and in the inside back of the diaper. Especially great for Boys, you can snap the insert on the front for front-wetters, or if the rise is too big for baby (to prevent sagging). Or if your baby is a middle / back sleeper / wetter, snap the insert on the back snaps.

Excellent demonstration of what a Berry Plush looks like on the inside and the fabulous Berry Plush snap in insert system – click here . With a 7 layer Hemp Insert system (bamboo coming soon) Berry Plush AIO / AI2s are designed to be suitable for heavy wetters as well as an unfoldable quick drying insert system – so important in our Malaysian humidity.

How stunning will baby look in this velvety soft black Berry Plush – perfect with a little black dress for girls when accompanying mama to dinner functions (there’s nothing worse than little girls dressed up all gorgeous for a night out – except for the ugly white plastic diaper. ugh)

A solid color Berry Plush at RM95 and Patterned Berry Plush at RM100 (one hemp snap insert included) might seem expensive for a fitted diaper – but remember, you can buy spare inserts to get the most out of your minky cover system.

Plus most babies stay in Medium sizes for the majority of their Diaper Wearing days, potty learning before they hit the Large sizes.

Last but not least, sometimes one size diapers just won’t provide as good a fit as a sized diaper for certain babies.

And who doesn’t need a little stylish luxury in their life? (even if, at the end of the day, it’s just a diaper) 😉

Diaper Pin Reviews rate these diapers at a 4.7 out of 5 with 23 ratings!

Tiny Tapir is stocking Berry Plushes in small numbers for now – so be sure to get what you can while you can…


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