Envirosax Back in Stock

You know how it is you have  a total of  37 different designs for envirosax, and pretty much all are in stock, but the ones everyone is clamoring for are the ones that are out of stock ?!

Mikado – Black Flowers (it’s really more of a steel grey color) is one of those.

It is very pretty though, so I can see why!

Then there’s these two from the kids series :

Rusty (the dog with 3 days stubble growth, teehee)

Jessie and Lulu (the bemused dinosaurs)

Finally we have these popular patterns back in stock.  We’ve been at fairs and events where we had some serious pressure to sell them the samples we had on display!

Now we just hope everyone remembers to bring these cute Envirosax around with them so they get used to save us all from drowning in evil single use plastic bags

Happy shopping everyone 🙂


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