Platypus Bottles Re-stocked – again

When I posted about restocking the bottles last time about a month ago, the platypus literally flew out the window (not that platypus fly in the literal sense – cute little water critters that they are).

I had to scramble to re-order and they’ve finally arrived again – hopefully in enough quantity that I won’t run out as fast this time. It just goes to show though – the platypus is a REALLY great little product, and so useful, it’s really great bang for the buck. (i.e. 1 x 0.5L bottle is equivalent to buying about 25 small bottles of water – considering you can use the platypus for at least 3 years and it gives you taste free, chemical free, fresh water, as well as semi-insulating your water – it’s a bargain at twice the price).

Is it any wonder that Platypus bottles are taking Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia by storm and everyone wants one?


Now with the increased cost of living, doesn’t it make sense to carry around your own drinking water? Is anything more expensive (to your pocket and to the environment) than bottled drinking water?

With a water filter at home and a platypus in any pocket or bag (the flexible lightweight design makes it so easy to carry around), you can have clean water wherever you go – for free! Not to mention of course they are easy to hold and drink from with the choice of 3 types of caps available now.

These bottles are BPA safe, won’t leach and water won’t smell or taste bad after sitting in the bottle for a day – in fact, I’ve left my filled platypus in my hot car for days – and the water is still as taste and smell free as the day I filled it into the platypus. Try doing that with a Metal Bottle or a normal plastic bottle. blecch.

These bottles sold out during the Star’s Green Day Fest. In fact there was one person who wanted to purchase my personal 1L platypus (I was using it as the sample bottle). Even after I told the couple that I’d used that bottle for almost 2 years, they still wanted to buy it! (no I didn’t sell it to them, that would just be weird…)

Other than the 0.5L and 1L bottles which Tiny Tapir previously stocked, there’s also (very) limited numbers of the 2L Big Zip :

This mama can be opened up at the base for really thorough cleaning.

There’s also the Bite Valve, which is truly hands free drinking – simply bite on the mouthpiece to release water :


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