Silicone Travel Bottles – New to Malaysia

We here at Tiny Tapir, in our proper ‘day’ jobs, are required to do quite a fair bit of traveling (and also gym going – some of us anyway, not me personally as my ever increasing dress size will probably attest to).

It’s a pain traveling nowadays with all the restrictions on what can and can’t be brought on flight – especially when doing a weekend trip and you just don’t have any check in luggage. What’s a girl to do? It’s completely insane to have to go hunt for usable toiletries once you reach your destination (and then only to have to throw away whatever product you couldn’t finish up during your short trip).

Solution? Well, what good would we be if we didn’t have one for you?

These aren’t really environmentally friendly per se, other than being much better to use than those crappy tiny plastic bottles you see everywhere being touted as ‘perfect for travel’ (I just can’t ever get the shampoo/conditioner/cream out of the bottle after I’ve put it in, if you know what I mean – so those things never end up getting used more than once). Plus also you don’t waste money buying toiletries of which you’ll throw 80% away (since you can’t bring those on the plane either).

This Silicone Travel Bottle is so sexy, and such a gosh darn pleasure to use that I can almost guarantee you will never lose it, unlike those cheap toiletry bottle sets for sale at watson’s.

Just look at it. Isn’t it just the prettiest thing ever?

The diagram above pretty much covers all the features. It really is easy to squeeze (and the projection is really quite far so it’s quite fun for water fights too, except that it only holds 2 Oz so you’d run out of ammunition pretty quick).

The silicone valve is great fun to pop open and closed when the bottle is empty – it also means that nothing leaks out of this baby except when you squeeze the bulb (even when the flip top cap is open). The flip top cap is also very strong on closure – it’s not going to pop open mid-flight, I can guarantee that.

The wide mouth means it’s easy to clean and, very importantly, easy to fill.

Designed by Paul Koh, a New York designer, I doubt this Silicone Travel bottle can be topped in terms of functionality or even aesthetically.

Love it as much as we do? Buy it here while stocks last…


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