Leslie’s Boutique Wet bags – new in stock!

Finally we have these Leslie’s Boutique Wetbags in stock. After a lot of drama at the post office and customs… (these were bouncing around Kuala Lumpur for 3 months, they are safely in Tiny Tapir’s hands and here for your viewing pleasure.

Seriously. It was so disheartening, being the first Malaysian store to wholesale these wetbags and being the last to receive them (other stores weeks after I did).

Leslie’s Boutique wetbags are single compartment bags, all with elastic handles which are just the right size for wearing on your wrist (you wouldn’t want to do that with the largest size!) or hanging off doorknobs, prams or what not.

Other than for babies, these bags are also great for Gym-goers or anyone that has to stash some smelly sweaty shoes or clothes somewhere before getting them home to be cleaned. How much more stylish is it to pull one of these babies out of your Gym Bag instead of an ugly plastic bag?

Leslie seriously makes one KILLAH wetbag. Thick 2mil PUL, sewn so as not to wick and with an inner fleece flap for you to sprinkle some essential oil on (so your diaper bag is not so stinky). Best of all she color coordinates Zippers and inner PUL! What a change from most wet bags that have the standard white color zipper and inner PUL.

We have all the sizes available

  • Small: 6 x 10″ Perfect for wipes or 1 dirty diaper/bathing suit. (also in the wide, where the zipper is on the wide, not narrow part of the bag)
  • Swim / Gym: 11 x 11″ Perfect for dirty gym duds, wet beach items, diapers, etc.
  • Medium: 13 x 15″ Fits approximately 6-8 diapers.
  • Large: 16 x 20″ Fits approximately 10+ diapers.

Available here in the Tiny Tapir store


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