Jazzy Toes – NEW to Malaysia

Tiny Tapir presents … Jazzy Toes baby socks!

In Malaysia, with our humidity and heat, sometimes it’s not really worth buying shoes for below 1 year olds who aren’t toddling about yet. Yet, given that we often take babies into air conditioned rooms or shopping malls, it is necessary to keep their feet warm. And that’s where Jazzy Toes comes in.

Created by a mother who just couldn’t find cute designs for her little boys (isn’t it so true, even in cloth diapering, there are so many sweet designs for little girls, but the boys just get left out!), so she came up with Jazzy Toes.

Made in Taiwan, these 75% cotton, 20% nylon, and 5% spandex socks come in 6 designs for boys (Sneakers, Sandals, Wingtips, Loafers, Deck Shoes, Cowboys) and 6 designs for girls (Sneakers, Sandals, Spectators, Loafers, Maryjanes and Cowgirls). And might we say, the designs for boys are just as cute as the ones for girls!

Wing tips for boys – I love wingtip shoes for adults, and these little boy versions are to die for!

Corresponding Spectator shoes for girls.

Jazzy Toes socks are generously sized, which means they’re really fit for 0-12 months (RM84 for 6) and 12 -24 months (RM88 for 6). You’ll get six pairs in each box set so you can match every outfit your baby possibly has. Great for twins or other multiple siblings too.

This is great value, box sets in Singapore are selling for over RM100.

You can also buy Jazzy Toes in a variety box to get a cute range of socks – 0-12 months RM88 and 12-24 months RM96

Jazzy Toes are making a huge splash for such a new, young company – they won the 2008 Seal of Excellence Award by Creative Child Magazine ! And they have already been featured in many magazines and blogs :

Here they are in action :

Here’s some comments from reviewers :

‘I’ve seen this concept done in socks and booties for girls before but haven’t seen as many cute styles for little boys. Jazzy Toes are particularly well executed. I’m loving the variety pack with 6 styles. It’s like a whole little instant foot wardrobe. So when my son is wearing his eco-friendly tees, I have some Birken-socks for him, and when he is kitted out in fancy pants, I’ve got some stretchy knit wingtips. And when he is just lounging around, kickin’ it with his peeps – we have the soft cotton loafer look to complete his ensemble. Sneakers, deck shoes, and cowboy boots round out the collection. — Celebrity Baby Blog

“These super-adorable, appropriate-for-any-occasion socks are a cozy alternative to traditional footwear. They have those neat grippy textures on the bottom to prevent slipping! The high-quality sock has just the right amount of elastic to keep ’em on, but they don’t constrict a chubby baby’s ankles. I couldn’t believe how cute my little pumpkin looked in his! We strolled around with the Jazzy Toes on and got so many compliments! They are packaged in a cute box great for giving and are perfect for sending through the mail!” — Lille Punkin Review

“These socks are particularly well executed. I’m loving the variety pack of all six styles. It’s a like a whole little instant foot wardrobe. Sold in irresistible sets of six, these super baby socks get two big toes up from my mini product tester.” –Mommies with Style

“Jazzy Toes socks are unbelievably adorable. I have gotten so many compliments whenever my son has worn his Jazzy Toes! The baby size set would be amazing for a shower gift… the packaging was designed to be mailed as-is, so it would be a total no brainer to drop in the mail, too.” — Superdumb Supervillian Forum

“Jazzy Toes are socks that look like shoes! They are stylish and creative and they bring a new meaning to socks. These would make a great baby shower gift for that little newborn! Anyone shopping for a shower gift or a new baby present has noticed that the selection for socks for boys’ ages 0-24 months is limited.” — SassyFrazz Blog

“Cute socks aren’t just for baby girls anymore! Jazzy Toes is changing the way baby toes are clothed. From little boys’ wingtip socks to cowboy (and cowgirl) socks, this is one sole-ful company. The socks are pinch-proof, and that makes everybody happy.” — The Hip Grandma’s Club

“They’re available in twelve styles for both boys and girls and are completely adorable – so much so that I’d recommend the variety pack, available in both boys and girls styles. Who needs shoes when there are socks that look like this?” — Top Opinionated Parent

“I’ve always had to work hard to find cute and cool duds for my three boys, so I love it when I find a company that works to fill that void. The box sets are packaged in a ready-to-mail gift box that not only looks cool, but reduces packaging and saves you the time and paper needed to wrap it yourself.” — Mama Speaks

“Our little guy was born at 9lb 9 oz and has huge feet, but these socks fit perfectly. And they are stylish. We love the sneaker styles. Can’t wait to give Jazzy Toes as gifts to my pregnant friends. ” — Jessica, mom in PA


To get your set of Jazzy Toes in their ready made packaging (ready for posting or gift giving), click here or on the box below :


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