Simmons Paw Paw Salve

My family and I first started using Lucas Paw Paw Ointment about 3 years ago when we discovered it in Melbourne, Australia. It’s a made in Australia product.

We thought it was a great product, especially for dry skin. However, I always felt that the texture felt a lot like vaseline and did not feel 100% natural (although it is sold in a lot of Health Shops in Australia).

Eventually everyone had graduated from Australia and no one in our family lives there now, so we didn’t have a ready source for the Paw Paw Ointment. I was really happy when I found out that it was being sold by some of the e-stores here, although we hadn’t run out yet (we bought HUGE tubs and many of them, anticipating we might not be able to get it in Malaysia).

Come to today, Lucas Paw Paw Ointment can even be bought in local pharmacies like Guardian.

Recently I thought it might be nice to stock it in the Tiny Tapir store, so I did some research online to find the stockist.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that Lucas Paw Paw Ointment is actually made primarily of petroleum jelly (the same stuff Vaseline is made of, which is why they have the same sort of texture). Here’s what they wrote in an email reply to (someone else’s) inquiry :

“Lucas Papaw Ointment has a base of Pharmaceutical Grade Petroleum Jelly. As we are registered with the TGA of Australia we must put only the ACTIVE ingredient on the jar. It also has a preservative in it which is called Postassium Sorbate.”

Well. That’s just not good enough for me. If something puts itself out to be 100% natural, and is deceptive in their ingredient listing, if I know about it, I’m not going to promote the product.

It’s not that petroleum jelly is the devil’s jelly, or that i think the product is crap (obviously I don’t otherwise I wouldn’t have used it for so long). It’s more the deceptive labeling I don’t like – and also of course that I wouldn’t recommend putting it on chapped / dry lips because ingesting petroleum jelly is kinda nasty.

Besides, there is a much more natural alternative which actually has more papaya content than Lucas Paw Paw – so that is what Tiny Tapir is recommending – the Simmons Paw Paw Salve.

In effectiveness, I have found it just as effective as Lucas Paw Paw Ointment, except that it is not so sticky and absorbs into the skin easier than Lucas which I’ve always felt leaves too much of an oily, sticky residue on top of the skin (the petroleum jelly makes a barrier on top of the skin).

Here’s the ingredient listing :

51mg/g of fresh fermented paw paw, unguent Carica Papaya L. Salve base is a mix of of vegetable waxes, beeswax and oils (Rhus succedanea wax, glycerine, canola oil, hydrogenated castor oil, corn starch.).

Nice and natural and nothing I would be too phased about putting near my mouth.

And here’s what it’s good for :

  • assists with the relief of chapped or dry skin, mild eczema, nappy rash, cleaning general wounds and bites.
  • Excellent as a barrier cream for diaper changing time.
  • Can help repair appearance and care for the skin by soothing, moisturizing and cleansing.

Available in the 100g tub size and also the 25g travel tube size. Get it quick because we only took in very limited quantities. This is a GREAT price too!

buy here


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