Zoobies! New in Malaysia

When I came across these cuties, I just couldn’t resist making them available in the Tiny Tapir Store.

Not least of the reason was I wanted every single one of them for myself …. um. I mean I wanted to create a Zoobie ‘collection’ at Teeny Tiny Tapir for our play center children to play with….

So, presenting for the first time in Malaysia at Tiny Tapir ….

A Zoobie pet is the perfect companion for children (and adults!). It’s not just an adorable soft toy, it’s also functional! Each Zoobie, when buttoned up, looks like a sweet (but sophisticated, not ‘cutesy’) animal.

Meet Mashaka our red monkey friend :

However, when you want to lay your head down, your Zoobie friend will obligingly flatten him/herself to become a pillow for you to rest on.

And then, when you’re REALLY exhausted, and slightly chilly, your Zoobie friend will throw up his guts and use his intestines to keep you warm :

Here’s a picture of the blanket in use so you can see how big and generously sized it is :

Credit to Zrecs

The zoobie is fantastic for long car rides and for taking up on the airplane (did you know airplane blankets and pillows do not get washed after every use? Kinda gross right?). When taking a zoobie up to the airplane, when your child is ready to sleep, simply unzip the blanket and stuff the airline pillow into the zoobie’s body to use it as a pillow case. That way your child will have a nice clean blanket and pillow to use.

The blanket is a super soft and warm Microfleece. Blanket can be unzipped and machine washed.

Your child will love the zoobie too – there’s lots of great textures for a younger child to explore – from the furry backs to the smooth faces and the microbeads heads.

At RM135 – it’s great value for a 3 in one toy that will last a really long time.

Zoobies were made in China – designed by a brother team in the USA, one brother actually moved to China to oversee production and make sure the quality of the materials and the construction is guaranteed, and that there are fair working conditions in the Factory.

New designs come out regularly, so each Zoobie species has a limited lifespan – especially true for those which are ‘Limited Release’.

Below are the Zoobies available for purchase at Tiny Tapir. Most of the designs sold out at the recent Parenthood fair, so now we only have Lencho the Lion and Khimba the Koala in stock. The rest are arriving later this week and available for pre-order now.

Khimba the Koala and her little Koala cub is a limited design

To purchase your zoobies here in Malaysia, please visit Tiny Tapir


23 thoughts on “Zoobies! New in Malaysia

  1. – Can I order Tama Tortoise via Online order? How much he delivery charges?
    – Where can I visit your shop to buy via cash?
    – Coming Soon – get your zoobie embroidered with your child’s name……..When I can my baby name?
    – Safe for new born baby?

  2. Hi Charlie

    Yes, you can order it online. Delivery Charges depends where you are located. 1 Zoobie weighs around 700g, so you can check it out on http://www.pos.com.my – we only charge actual shipping. However, our shop has free delivery for orders over RM300

    We have just opened a Kiosk in Great Eastern Mall on the Lower Ground Floor near the Hardware shop – you can purchase zoobies there!

    For embroidery – looks like it’s harder to get organized than I initially planned due to a few spanners that got thrown in the works. So we recommend you can bring your zoobie to any embroidery store (like in Central Market) and they can actually embroider for you.

    It is safe for new babies, but you must be careful with any item that has a large blanket or can cover the baby’s face, so I would not recommend using it without supervision. Soon we will have the Baby Zoobies (coming in 2009) which have a much smaller size blanket that is perfectly sized for newborns.

  3. Thanks for your reply….
    – Can I get the map of your new Kiosk in GE mall?
    – When is the date about I can buy the Baby Zoobies as my baby girl EDD end Jan 2009.
    – Baby Zoobies with the same design? As I need Tama Tortoise only.
    – I had check the Pos Laju website, is it true that the delivery charges is less than RM10?

  4. Hi Charlie,

    There is no map! Great Eastern Mall is on Jalan Ampang and the LGF is quite small. Once you come up the escalators you will see the zoobies very prominently already.

    Baby Zoobies are probably (no guarantee as it depends on manufacturer, not us) going to arrive in Malaysia in February or March 2009 only.

    Baby Zoobies are selected designs only – right now I think it is Hada Hippo and also Tama Tortoise.

    Yes, if you are in KL, delivery charge is less than RM10 for 1 zoobie.

  5. Hi Charmaine. 1 Zoobie cost either RM135 or RM150 – depends on if the animal is a limited edition or not. The Kiosk at GE Mall will be there until 2/09 – then we will consider whether to renew or not.

  6. Oh dear. My sister told me about the kiosk, but when I went there today it’s no longer there!

    Any chance of my getting one of the buggers anywhere in KL?
    Or should I shop online at Tiny Tapir?

    How long does it usually take to deliver within KL?

    • Hi Fads, sorry our GE Mall kiosk closed last week 😦 , just not enough walk through there, I guess the margin on our products is not high enough! lol

      You can pick one up at our HQ shop at the Bungalow@Damai – 9 Lorong Damai 9, near KLCC (behind the French Embassy) – the map is in the contact us section on this site.

      You can also order one online, if you are not embroidering it, you can get it within max of 2 days (courier) or 3 days (poslaju) or 1 week (registered mail).

      We’ll have a couple more locations to purchase Zoobies by mid March

  7. hi Fadz, we can’t embroider on the spot – takes us about 3 days from payment to get it organized πŸ™‚ sorry about that!

  8. I bought the Polar bear and the Panda earlier today.
    My niece loved them!
    But I think my sister loves them more…

    The limited edition ones are bigger than the normal ones, hey?
    I’m thinking of buying one to put in my car.
    Shouldn’t be so hard to get, now that I know where the Zoobie Pets live!

    Thanks again.

  9. Hi Fadz, glad that your family loves the zoobies πŸ™‚

    No, the ltd edition zoobies are the same size as the regular ones, but some of the zoobies (blankets are same, i mean the soft toy size) are bulkier than the others – depends on the animal it’s based on πŸ™‚

  10. Hi there,

    I love the Zoobies, they are adorable. Want to get one for my nephew who’s turning one soon. Do you have Tama the Tortoise in stock? If not, which ones do you currently have?

    I tried calling you a little earlier, but no answer so I thought I’d try to reach you here. I work really close to your bungalow store, so I’ll be stopping by sometime this week.

      • Hi there… im really facinated with the Zoobie pets … i`m from Sabah actually… will be goin to KL on June … Do u have Jumbo Zoobies Pet ? How much ya ? and your kiosk… whereabout ya ? How can i get there ?

      • Hi Edna! We have stores in Bangsar Village II and Ampang Park (opp KLCC).

        Our full address and contact details are available here >>http://www.tinytapir.com/content.php?content_id=4

        The Jumbo Zoobies are now RM220 only, discounted from RM330! However we have limited stock left, so hurry! If you prefer you can order and pay online, we will pack it for you to pickup when you’re in KL πŸ™‚

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