Natural Vicks Sticks – for sniffles and baby chests

We always want to do the best for our babies – but the best doesn’t always mean using what Mama used.

With the proliferation of artificial chemicals in today’s world (oh so different from even 15 years ago), it’s always best to try to find products that have a minimum of such products in them.

Remember Vicks Vaporub? The familiar smell of a sick room to me is always that overwhelming smell of Vicks. However, Vicks has a petroleum jelly base, just not very good for our sensitive babies.

And besides, why go for the chemicals if there’s a safe natural alternative?

Our Vicks sticks are made in the USA by a WAHM who uses all natural ingredients: local beeswax, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, lavender oil, unrefined hemp seed butter and oil.

It comes in a convenient 5g push up stick – easy to put one in your hand bag to use for grownups (just use it under your nose when you’ve got the sniffles), or the perfect size to rub on little chests to ease the congestion.

We know you’ll love this little cold & flue lifesaver – we certainly do!

Available at Tiny Tapir here for only RM13 per stick


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