Scootababy – new design! Now in stock

The scootababy is our biggest favorite here at Tiny Tapir – seriously, I want to have a child just so I can show off how easy baby wearing with this thing is.

But, it’s always been a kind of ‘secret’ because well, the old design, although superbly functional, was also kind of dull (all black, with the only nod to choice being between the all black interior or the jellybean interior).

Not anymore! We’re predicting that the new design of the Scootababy is really going to launch desire for this carrier way into the stratosphere!

And we’re not the only one that thinks so – This review over at the toyman had a whole bunch of mothers do independent tests of the scootababy – and everyone knows, you can’t possibly get fussier than a mama when it comes to reviewing products.  The Scootababy scored the highest in almost every category!

Here’s another review, which talks about the new design improvements – and how much the scootababy is loved. And yet another.

This review talks about how easy the scootababy is to use – quick on and quick off – we couldn’t agree more here at the Tiny Tapir.  It’s the easiest carrier for us to get mothers (and definitely fathers, who almost always fall in love with the scootababy) fitted into. Even the first time, it takes less than 5 minutes to adjust it to get onto a new person.

About the price – the new designs of the scootababies are RM455.  This might seem expensive, but if you compare it to the Baby Bjorn type carriers stocked at Mothercare which cost around the RM400 mark – it’s completely worth it.

The Baby Bjorn is just not very good for toddlers, so it’s only good for a very specific period of time before your baby outgrows it (possibly 9 months or so) before baby gets too heavy to comfortably wear.  Furthermore, Baby Bjorns are more complicated to get on and off, especially in the hip position – which is the most comfortable way to carry older babies (as all our grandmothers know too well).

The Scootababy on the other hand will last well until your child is 4 years old at least (40lbs) – and it’s comfortable. I have carried a 3+ year old in one for a few hours and felt no strain – I couldn’t even carry the same child in a pouch for 15 minutes before I wanted to lie down with a hot compress.

The older designs of Scootababy (with the black denim) are still available at RM400 in our store – to give those who want a cheaper option the choice.

Aren’t the new designs gorgeous?

View them in our store here


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