Paul Koh NY Silicone Travel Bulbs – Seriously good

We posted up about these before, but now we have in-action photos.

Some have commented they thought that the bottles were big water bottle sized, and had problems visualizing the product, so here we’re doing a breakdown of them for you so you can see exactly why these are so great!

Here are the two bottles .  The white one is holding some cleanser and the blue one is empty.

Here’s a bottle being held so you can see the actual size of it.  As you can see, it’s just the right size to be hand held.

Anatomy of a PKNY travel bottle – there are 3 distinct parts to the bottle – the silicone bulb, the white collar and the translucent cap with the silicone covered opening.   This 3 part system minimizes the risk of any leakage, which is SO important when you’re moving your toiletries around when traveling.  Especially when you just need to have those liquid cosmetics during long haul air travel.

The best part is the opening of the bulb is so wide it’s easy and quick to pour stuff in there and just as easy to stick a finger in there to smear off the very last bit of stuff that’s in the bottle.

Click on the photo for a larger view. This PKNY travel bottle has been filled with himalaya natural toothpaste (highly recommended, by the way!).

Here’s the PKNY travel bottle cap from the inside.  This is the same cap that was used on the bottle which has the travel toothpaste in it.

A close up of the PKNY travel bottle opening when it’s not being squeezed.  Look ma! No hole! That’s because the hole is covered with a thin silicone layer.

Sorry this photo is blurry. It was quite hard to time when to press the camera button while squeezing the bottle simultaneously and holding both things stationary!!  Anyway, you can still see the opening you get when you squeeze the silicone bulb.  It makes a little ‘pop’ sound when the bottle is empty, which is quite cool.  Also, when you’ve got more solid type pastes in there it squeezes it out in a long star shape.

All in all, we think the Paul Koh NY Silicone Travel Bulbs are pretty near perfect – never had a spill and they’re so easy to use while getting the most out of your cosmetc (no wasted goop due to hard to reach corners).

Buy it at Tiny Tapir now – comes in a set of 2 (one blue, one white) for only RM70


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