New to TT – Tiny Tush One Size Diapers

One size cloth diapers are a popular way to cloth diaper here in Malaysia, and a workhorse one size cloth diaper is even more in demand.

Tiny Tush one size cloth diapers are just that – good workhorse diapers that will see you through from newborn to toddler-hood.

What’s the difference between sized and one size cloth diapers? Well, sized cloth diapers will tend to fit better on certain children and are usually trimmer than their one size counterparts. Of course, on the other hand, one size cloth diapers fit for longer, and are better if you have multiple children in diapers at the same time!

We have Tiny Tush Elite One Size Pockets (Snaps only) RM75

– Come without an insert, they do require an insert (the soaker part) to be used.

And Tiny Tush One Size Fitted Diapers (snaps only, in normal cotton RM74 or 100% organic cotton RM77)

– Need a diaper cover if you want waterproofness. Usually you’ll need 2 diaper covers for around 6 fitteds – as fitted diapers fit better than prefolds or contour diapers due to the elastics in the leggings, you won’t need as many covers as the mess is more contained in the fitted diaper.

We have special quantity discounts on Tiny Tush diapers, check it out here.


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