Upgrades and changes at Tiny Tapir

As you all might have noticed (haha, I hope SOME of you have noticed anyway!), we haven’t been posting up on the blog much.

In fact there’s a HUUUGE backlog of gorgeous products I haven’t been able to upload into the site or on the blog 😦

But there is change a-foot at Tiny Tapir, we are definitely in the middle of some exciting developments.

Opening a new outlet

We’re going to be opening up a kiosk in the next couple of months – most likely in Great Eastern Mall. And we’re also thinking of stocking our products in MidValley Megamall for all you Damansara peeps. Yay!

The Teeny Tiny Tapir Centre & shop at Damai will also be opening up much more regularly soon – every day from 11am to 6pm.  I’m so excited about that possibility!

Streamlining and keeping track of products

Here at Tiny Tapir we literally now have hundreds (perhaps thousands) of products.  As some of you (unfortunately) know, it’s been really hard to keep track of what’s in stock and what’s not as we’ve (ok I’ve)been doing it all manually…

Finally now we’re setting up our barcoding and stock system, so we won’t have to worry about it again.  We might be closing down the online store for a week to completely get the products all accurately stock-taked, but what a relief it is going to be to have the whole system automated. 🙂

Teeny Tiny Tapir

Teeny Tiny Tapir had their first Ibu playgroup yesterday – and boy oh boy was the response fantastic of what! We couldn’t even walk at all for fear of stepping on all the little ones…

So regular playgroups will continue on every Thursday at Teeny Tiny Tapir. A 2nd playgroup will be set up too – 1 playgroup will be for Toddlers and the other playgroup will be for Crawlers

More details to come soon!

Did you see us?

Tiny Tapir was featured on NTV7’s breakfast show recently, look out for the video soon. 

Teeny Tiny Tapir was in Wed 8/10/2008’s Metro Section too – there was a full page with a cute photo of our activities in action.


4 thoughts on “Upgrades and changes at Tiny Tapir

  1. Yay! That’s great news, I will be there for the Crawlers playgroup once the little boy comes along and be shopping regularly too 😉

  2. yeah, playgroups are a lot of fun, although this first one was a bit muddled!

    We look forward to seeing you there Sweetie 🙂 best of luck for the birth.

    Paris – fingers crossed!

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