Pantyliners Galore – Free Shipping!

Tiny Tapir now has a whole load of Cloth Pantyliners up for grabs – basically a pantyliner to suit any style. Aside from being really functional, they’re really cute too!


Pantyliners are a great way to start getting into cloth pads – you’ll see how much less sweaty, uncomfortable and smelly Cloth is compared to Disposable products.  Hopefully it will give you the confidence to never buy a disposable pad again.


Also, as some of us use pantyliners every day, it’s a great way to save money – all you have to do is wash like you do your underwear and you’ll never again have to buy bits of plastic and paper you use for a couple of hours only before throwing away.


To celebrate our (finally) getting around to (mostly) organizing the cloth pads in the Tiny Tapir store (We’re not done yet, still have a few more to upload if you can believe it!) we’ll be offering Free Shipping on the purchase of any 3 Cloth Pads (or Ladycup) purchases until 30th Nov 2008.

Watch this blog for upcoming profiles on Tiny Tapir’s new cloth pad lines..

Jump to the Cloth Pantyliners in the Tiny Tapir shop here


One thought on “Pantyliners Galore – Free Shipping!

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