New Envirosax Series – Botanica

Envirosax has come out with a gorgeous new range – the Botanica series.  Now available in Malaysia, just in time for Christmas.

The Botanica Envirosax Series is inspired by the earth’s beautiful, lush and bountiful rainforests. Bold in colour and imagery, Botanica is a daily reminder of Mother Earth’s natural splendor!

Available at the Tiny Tapir online shop, our Damai Bungalow shop (open Weekdays 12 Noon to 3pm and Sat + Sun 12 noon to 5pm) and at our Kiosk in Great Eastern Mall, Lower Ground Floor (open daily 11am to 9pm)

These are such a perfect size for throwing in any handbag you have so you know you will never need to accept a disposable plastic bag again.

Botanica Set of 5 Link

Botanica bag 1 Link

Botanica bag 2 Link

Botanica bag 3 Link

Botanica bag 4 Link

Botanica bag 5 Link


2 thoughts on “New Envirosax Series – Botanica

  1. i reli love the bag design!

    been trying to reach go to ur online shop but end up getting ‘500 internal server error’

    reli interested! Help..

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