Menstrual Cup Reviews

Here I’ll post up links to Menstrual cup reviews (for both the Mooncup and the Ladycup) from Tiny Tapir customers.

Hopefully it may convince someone else to give them a try!  The menstrual cup is a great little tool to save you $ as well as protect our environment in the long run.  Just think – no more tampons or disposable pads – that means a significant reduction in our landfill mess, energy depletion and chemical / dioxin use.

Geminianeyes reviews (Mooncup and Ladycup) : – on her blog and on her livejournal

Organic Samm (Mooncup) : – on her blog

Peekaroobaby (Mooncup) :- on her blog


Have you used a Mooncup / Ladycup bought from Tiny Tapir?

We’d love to hear your review (we can post it anonymously here) – contact us and get a free RM10 store credit for your review :).  Negative reviews are also completely acceptable and will also get the free RM10 store credit


Buy a Mooncup from Tiny Tapir at RM110

Buy a Ladycup from Tiny Tapir at RM130 or RM230 for 2


12 thoughts on “Menstrual Cup Reviews

  1. I bought the moon cup about 5 cycles ago. I wanted something more natural, less drying and generally something more eco-friendly. The reviews on this seemed to meet all my requirements. So how did I fair? I love this product, I can not rave enough about it. It feels more comfortable than a tampon, and is almost as easy to use. I can leave it in for longer and it is easy to clean pack away and pull out in a months time. Seriously this thing is fab. Give it ago, I swear you will love it I do.

  2. I hope to save up some cash to buy me a LadyCup from Tiny Tapir, I switched from pads to tampons sometime back to reduce waste, and I think I’m ready for menstrual cups now. The ultimate in waste free-ness! When I do get my cup, I will definitely write you a review. I’ll even write something on it at, which is a website I write for. Meanwhile, Happy New Year! Looking forward to great things from Tiny Tapir.

  3. I have been using my mooncup for almost a year maybe and I still think its the most amazing thing. Honestly, its like I can forget its that time of the month. I use cloth pads as back-up, but haven’t had any leaks to speak of so I may not even bother with those anymore. I just decided I was sick of paying “girl tax” every month and went with clothpads and the Mooncup UK, now I’ll never switch back!! I really really really want a coloured ladycup because they’re so pretty! The Mooncup works great, but its not much in the looks department!

  4. I am a regular visitor of Tiny Tapir e-shop. For me it is not just to shop but also teaching me how to live naturally…

    And I am just blown away by this LadyCup. I bought it a few weeks back and I have no hesitation at all when using it the first time!! The best part is — I NEVER use TAMPONS before–… so, if anybody reviews it as — a bit tricky to get it “POP’ or need practise. For me it is the easiest thing to do..

    Just to share some information, as a muslim the mentrual blood, that gets into clothings (pads) must be cleaned & washed off totally, to remove the impurities etc.. So, with this LadyCup, it is just so effortless & I abide to the law. Wonderful empowerment feeling!!!!

  5. hi all… I started using the mooncup 4 cycles ago and every month I have this great desire to share my new found secret with all my girlfriends… I feel liberated, no more mess, no more odours, no more abrasions, no more itchness.
    Give it a try!!

  6. Hi, I have used a Mooncup for almost a year now and I absolutely love it. I also use cloth pads for days when I don’t particularly want to use the cup specifically on extra light days and love it as well. Cloth pads do not make me itch or uncomfortable like those disposable pads does plus there is no smell and the Cup do not make me dry and certainly do not cause TSS like the tampon does. On the whole, I simply adore both the cloth pads and the Cup.
    Erm…just a little suggestion, could someone please bring in other colours for the Ladycup? Pretty, pretty please?

  7. Hi… Tiny tapir, i was trying to purchase the lady cup at ur website. But there was no size S.. and the size L keep charging me an additional RM85..

    Please advise as I’m really keen to get the Lady cup..


    • Hi there Tracey! We don’t have any more stock of the S size LadyCups, and the L size Ladycups we have are only available in sets of 2, hence the total of RM230 🙂

      Would you consider the MelunaCups? They are available in a variety of colours, sizes and stem styles 🙂

  8. I would like to buy that mooncup or ladycup whichever that still in your stock. Pls let me know your mbb acc, therefore i could online the money to you. Thank you.

  9. Hi Tiny Tapir. I’been using cloth pads for more than 2years now and I am a regular visitor to your website and have ordered products from you. I read great reviews on the menstrual cup and cant wait to buy the Meluna cup when I get my pay at the end of the month. Is there anyway i can book a meluna cup stem soft size M. I am worried by time I want to order th M size it might be out of stock. Tq Aishah

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