Specials on Rumparooz Aplix & Snaps

These Rumparooz were part of the 1st big manufacturing round of Rumparooz cloth diapers .

Both Tiny Tapir and Lil Danzell will be clearing off the remaining diapers from this batch as they are more or less considered seconds (due to weak aplix and also some of the diapers have thicker fleece inside rather than microfleece – which is better for night diapering but too bulky for newborns and small babies).

Really, these prices will never come around again due to higher cost to us due to USD stronger against RM than before and also because this is below US rrp and only allowed because they are seconds items.  This is pretty much at or below our cost price for this batch of cloth diapers.


—- All remaining Rumparooz G1 Stock will now be clearenced sold IN STORE only at the Tiny Tapir physical retail stores —-


2 thoughts on “Specials on Rumparooz Aplix & Snaps

    • hi Nita, please submit your order by emailing me at tinytapir at gmail . com for the Thirsties and Rumparooz product s- all other products you can order on TT shop and we will combine your orders.

      I am not able to update tt webshop inventory, so the inventory in this blog listing is correct

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