The Bungalow@Damai

I just realised that we never shared photos of what the Bungalow@Damai looks like!

I’m sure it’s going to change quite a big now, with Doodlebugs coming to take over most of the ground floor, but here’s a few photos of what the Bungalow@Damai is like now.

Excuse the very rushed photos!

First up – from the Gate Entrance leading up the driveway to the Bungalowttt-outside-1108_5001

You can’t see it here but at the back of the Bungalow is another green garden (part of us) and a huge green area – namely the Bukit Aman club.  We’re not allowed to go onto Bukit Aman of course, but it’s so so nice having a big green area next to us to help clean the air and have a sense of sanctuary even in the middle of Kuala Lumpur.  And on the weekends, when the Bukit Aman members are playing soccer and cricket, the sounds of children laughing and running around and of men playing games really makes me think sometimes I am back in Perth at one of the public parks there!  It’s very very chill..

Next, in the main hall of the Bungalow


I hear that some of the walls in the main hall (first photo on the top left) are going to be covered in mirrors soon – for dance classes! yay!

The Bungalow is really nice and airy. Being surrounded by a lot of green, the temperature is quite pleasant with quite a few nice breezes blowing in from the big sliding doors leading outside.  It’s extremely environmentally friendly not to have to turn on the air conditioner all the time.

On the top right hand corner are two photos of the inside play room – it’s nice having a separate room where parents can leave their children to play without having to worry about them or how much noise they’re going to make.  We have a fully kitted out kitchen and a workbench for industrious little fingers.  We’ve got HEAPS of toys, mostly from ELC to keep kids occupied for a long time.

On the bottom right you’ll see one of the breastfeeding seminars in action. Right now we are holding them in the main hall for bigger groups.  For smaller groups we have another smaller room with sofas which is much more cozy (not photographed here)

On the bottom left you’ll see the entrance into the flyscreened outdoor play area (yes, those drains are definitely going to be covered). It’s a great place for the kids to run around in.  Eventually we’ll be able to set cafe tables here as well as a sand pit and a small vegetable garden for little fingers to learn how things grow. (the flyscreen wraps around one whole side of the Bungalow so it’s really quite big)

The one thing I forgot to photograph is the one thing everyone loves – the big Trampoline!!

Now we get to the last part of the downstairs – the Tiny Tapir shop rooms


This is only part of our stock! We have a lot more that *just* came in and haven’t got around to putting up in the shop… *sigh* the things to do are neverending!

See that wall o’cloth diapers? Yes, every single one of those drawers is stuffed absolutely full to the brim with cloth diapers!  In fact, we’ve so many we actually over flowed to the next wall already…

We’ll be renovating out the shop rooms too to allow for a more professional look and so we can display everything more effectively (And of course FIT MORE IN THERE!)

Hope you enjoyed our little tour.  Expect lots of changes in 2009 though – for the better of course! 🙂


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