Embroidered Zoobies

Tiny Tapir has been offering customized embroidery services for quite a few zoobie owners now.

All photos of embroidered zoobies will be showcased here – don’t they look positively alive? 🙂

First up is this super sweet hippo. The customer wanted the name along the spine and although we’d never done it that way before, we gave it a try – and we think it actually looks really good!

Next we have some embroideries on the bottom of the back :


The group photo of giraffe, hippo and tortoise is all done in the Kids font.  Personally the Hippo (Sean Jasper Loh) looks especially good!

Here’s a few done on the tummies –

Turtles are pretty much the most popular Zoobie design.  Here are some of our past customized zoobies :



Here’s Turtle with his other very popular friend, Hada Hippo (then a succession of other hippos) :


Yazmin’s zoobie is gorgeous – mummy chose a lovely purple with the cursive Commercial script and it turned out really lovely.

On the bottom of the tummy (a good place for the Koala as her back is rather too fuzzy for the embroidery to show up well)


Lastly (so far!) the Giraffe and monkey with names proudly in the middle of the tummies. Don’t they just look like they’re having a nice companionable chat sharing the wicker chair? 🙂



Here’s a lovely Tiger, embroidered on both the blanket and his soft furry tummy :


Poallu the Polar Bear, embroidered in pink on both the blanket and tummy going to one very sweet little girl :


There’s an infinite number of ways to customize your zoobie with the name of your favorite little child (or even yours as the case may be!). Contact us for further details or go shopping here

6 thoughts on “Embroidered Zoobies

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  2. Hi, I bought Tama the tortoise from your BV shop but didnt know I have the option to put name embroidery on it. Can I go back to the shop to get it done? How long does it take? And do you charge for it?

  3. Hi, i would like to order some zoobies & would like to embroid my kids name on it. But in in the website when click on the font can’t see those font Type & colour (too small). Please send me the font type & colors to my email before i place order thanks.

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