INTERESTED? Babywearing, Cloth Diapering Swap 31st Jan / 1st Feb

I’ve been discussing with Jess of Peekaroobaby about having a babywearing session at the Bungalow@Damai in KL when she’s next in KL.

Then this morning I got an email from a Malaysian Cloth Diapering mama who’s overseas right now but back in KL for a month at the end of January. She wanted to bring back her excess cloth diapers (she says she has a ton! some barely used) and wondered if I am having a 2nd hand CD swap during that time.

I know it’s Chinese New Year so not sure who is going to be in town or not, so want to gauge interest who would like to / be able to come.

It will be a free event, and you are all welcome to bring your excess carriers / cloth diapers to swap / sell / buy during the event.  And of course, if you are already CDing or babywearing, please do bring your friends – it’s a great opportunity for them to see that many others do CD and babywear and for them to maybe be ‘drawn to the dark side’ 😛

Please let me know if you prefer Sat 31st Jan or Sun 1st Feb.  The event is not going to happen if there isn’t enough interest in it, so please do reply by comment or email to tinytapir at gmail dot com.


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