31.1.09 swap meet that was…

Tiny Tapir hosted a free swap meet for used cloth diapers and carriers on 31/1/109 at The Bungalow@Damai – although it wasn’t the best day to hold it (middle of the CNY break), the turn out was pretty good – thanks so much to everyone who turned out and contributed to the great atmosphere.

Have to admit we didn’t have a lot of time to prepare so there wasn’t a lot of preparation done on our part, there are definitely things to change for next time (if there is one!) – for example, talks will be held upstairs in future or in an enclosed room – there was too much ambient noise floating in from the main hall to the talk room.

First is The Bungalow before everyone came in – note the cat checking out the Nasi Lemak.  That’s 1 of our 2 resident cats – they were abandoned as teeny tiny kittens outside the Bungalow’s gate a few months ago and they’ve become permenant features. Yes, despite the fact that they were supposed to be adopted out… but seems like the Bungalow is too empty without their antics. And they are the sweetest cats ever – real purring machines and don’t ever bite or scratch (even despite some little kids’ over ‘enthusiasm’ where they are concerned!)

Look how crowded it was after people started filling in!  Unfortunately it was raining heavily that afternoon so we could not spread out in the patio area at the back.

You can catch a few photos of Jess doing her Babywearing talk – didn’t get any photos of the Baby Signs and CD talks.  The talks were all overflowing into the kitchen though, so the attendence was great!  Hope those who listened found the talks useful..

OK gotta get back to listing products, let us know your comments on the swap meet and what you think could be improved for the next Swap meet


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