Moby Wraps now available in Malaysia

Moby Wraps! Yay!  Great for all babies, but especially harrassed mothers of newborn twins or preemie babies…


Tiny Tapir loves supporting and promoting babywearing and bringing new carriers into Malaysia.

The Moby Wrap is one we’re proud to bring in – the first wrap to hit Malaysia’s shores (well, so far as we know).

Wraps are a great way to babywear your newborn baby (preemie babies especially do well in wraps).  Super soft and stretchy – like your favorite T-shirt material, we just know that wraps are going to be seen around Kuala Lumpure more and more.

At first I was tentative about bringing them in – they look so complicated and difficult to use. But as with most things, when I finally got my hands on one, I realized how easy it is – simply wrap around yourself and tie and the baby slips right in.

Here’s a great youtube of a super cool dad showing just how easy it is to use the wrap : Just one video of many

This is just one way the wrap can be used. The wrap can also be used to wear the baby facing outwards (with the legs crossed like a yoga position), on the back and also in the front stomach to stomach.

Moby wraps are one of the best wraps around – made by our neighbors in Thailand (support regional! also the carbon emissions associated with getting this product to Malaysia is much lower as it’s made so close by it’s like buying local) and we love how these are priced – an easy way to carry your baby for only RM180!

Every moby wrap comes with a matching colored cloth string bag to compacting store the wrap when not in use or bringing it around town.  And inside is a detailed book in color showing details of all the different ways to tie your baby to you.  The wrap is easy to fold up too – just fold it in half and roll it up.

Another thing the moby wrap is good for is if you have an underweight baby.  “Kangaroo care” is the term used to describe the importance of skin to skin contact for babies.  Direct skin to skin contact between mother and baby can help regulate the baby’s heart and respitory rate, lead to a higher success rate for breastfeeding, normalize infant growth of premature infants and much much more.  It can sooth fussy babies enormously too.

Although one might think the Moby Wrap might be hot in Malaysia’s tropical climate, it’s really just like wearing your favorite t-shirt – it’s 100% cotton so very breathable – here’s to hoping a bamboo one comes out soon because that fabric is even more awesome for keeping us cool!


Here’s the link to the solid color wraps (RM180 – 5.5m) at Tiny Tapir, and here are the petite solids (RM180 – 5.2m)

Link to the Batik Wraps (RM280)

Link to the Organic Wraps (RM280)


9 thoughts on “Moby Wraps now available in Malaysia

  1. I used mine out and about for the first time today! It worked for a little while, and then bubby got grumpy… was hungry. Haven’t sorted out the BFing while wrapping thing yet. But so comfortable! I love it!

  2. I have received the Moby wrap.

    It is really comfy and has calmed down my litlle son.

    Now I get to play with the elder one as my little one sleeps soundly in his Moby!!

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