Saffa Cloth Pads

Tiny Tapir is proud to stock the first Cloth Pads made in Malaysia – Saffa Cloth Pads made by Mum7kids – yay!


Saffa Cloth pads are made out of flannel and Tiny Tapir helped to attach the double snaps to the pads.


At these prices, you just can’t not try one – they’re very very functional and comfortable and we know you’ll agree they’re definitely worth including in your cloth pad stash.

You can go for the Pantyliners with 4 layers (total) of flannel – great for daily use or at the tail end of ‘that time of the month’.

Or there’s the Medium Cloth pads – great for regular flow.


Link to Saffa Cloth Pantyliners at Tiny Tapir (RM8)

Link to Saffa Cloth Medium Cloth Pads at Tiny Tapir (RM13)

2 thoughts on “Saffa Cloth Pads

  1. Yeah, they are affordable too, plus they are made locally here. I have a couple of them, but they came in aplix closures, aiyah so painful when it comes in contact with your skin. Luckily my fren, Missah who has the snap press helped to fix the snaps, and they are back in action again!!

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