Dripstiks – for messy ones everywhere

Dripstiks are the perfect complement to Dwink Boxes – with these 2 tools in your arsenal you’re almost guaranteed to have no little messy ones running around (no extra loads of laundry and stains on cute outfits? We’re up for that!)


So easy to use – just insert the icecream on the appropriate end (one end is designed to hold cones, the other end is designed to hold ice cream on sticks). 

The wide holder part is perfect for kids to grip and when there’s drips or messes, they simply flow into the ridge around the ice cream.  The Dripstik is made out of soft, durable plastic.

Also perfect for adults who like eating ice creams in the car 😉 we know who you are!

This is perfect for home made frozen pops too – a great way to cool down little hot ones.  Simply buy those frozen ice cream moulds (you can buy similar ones in Ikea or those local homeware shops) – fill it with fruit juice / yoghurt and a few pieces of fruit and put it in the freezer.  – a super cheap and healthy way to treat your kids (or yourself for that matter).


Available in six fun colors :


Link to Dripstiks at Tiny Tapir – 1 for RM27, 2 for RM44 (save RM10!)


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