Strapees and Bra Extenders

Two La Leche products that I think deserve a post of their own.

They’re not just for breastfeeding mums – seriously sometimes I think I need that bra extender … hahaha

Strapees (RM35 per pair) are a little silicone pad that fit under your bra straps at the shoulder.  They help distribute the weight and prevent bra straps from digging into your shoulders leaving red marks and causing discomfort.  Strapees also prevent the bra strap from slipping down (you know, like those embarrassing times when one gets home and realizes that a bra strap is merrily hanging down your arm showing outside your short sleeve..)

Strapees come in nude and can’t be seen outside your clothing


The Bra Extender (RM21 per pair) is a nifty little gadget that will help your normal / nursing bras fit longer by extending the band.   La Leche ones are great because they come in the two rows of hooks AND three rows of hook variation – so you can be sure one of those two will work with your bra.


Both Strapees and the La Leche Bra Extenders can be found in the La Leche section of the Tiny Tapir store.


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