Teething Bling – pretty AND functional

Teething Bling are exactly the kind of product we love at Tiny Tapir. Not only do they satisfy our style requirements (gotta look good girls!), they’re also completely functional.


When we saw Pauline, our visiting Tapir friend from Canada at the Diaper Swap Meet last month she was wearing a really pretty donut around her neck which I thought was one of those stone pendants you see in the weekend markets.  Her cute curly haired daughter just could not leave the pendant alone and was constantly playing with it and holding it in her hand.  I complimented Pauline on the pendant and she told me not only was it not stone – it was a teething toy!!

Well, I was blown over.  Indeed, when I touched the pendant, it was soft to the touch – just like our teething rings.  She told me they were Teething Bling (or something along those lines, she wasn’t sure).

The evening after the Swap Meet I eagerly google searched the name – Pauline’s memory is better than she thinks – and found Teething Bling by Smart Moms.  I just knew I had to order some to stock at Tiny Tapir.  Brilliant idea and such great execution – the product is really really pretty.

And so, it’s with much pleasure that Tiny Tapir is now offering Teething Bling here in Malaysia!

Teething Bling are made of food-safe, phthalate-free, federally-approved silicone, are are non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC and lead free. CE Marking approval and CPSIA compliant.  Teething Bling products are regularly tested and inspected for compliance by IMR Test Laboratories in Ithaca, NY, and additional testing is conducted through Bureau Veritas Hong Kong / Consumer Products Services Division

We have the lovely original Donut (RM70) that I saw on Pauline  (the metallics (RM78) are really outstanding) :


And also some heart shaped pendants (RM70):


And the bangles (RM50)!


Check out all the pretty colors :


We also brought in a very limited number of Gift sets at RM130 (details to be confirmed soon)

Teething bling are also very popular among celebrities (in case that kind of thing matters to you). You can check out the celebrity roll call on the Smart Mom site but personally I think the product speaks for itself and needs no endorsement at all!


4 thoughts on “Teething Bling – pretty AND functional

  1. i think Pauline was wearing a Turquoise.

    I know, SO pretty and it totally didn’t look like she was wearing her daughter’s teething toy. LOL

    • hi Ruby. The strap is silk (a fabric), you can easily wash it, and it dries pretty fast. Alternatively you can switch the strap for your own preferred strap – like a plastic one if you like that is easy to wipe clean – but of course it won’t look as nice as the silk one. Wouldn’t recommend switching to a leather cord for the reason you mentioned.

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