Chunkibunz Cloth Diapers – priced to go

*** Now on Clearance *** Tiny Tapir is clearancing all Chunkibunz Diapers at WAY BELOW our COST price.

These diapers are great – very absorbent and sewn together tightly, but basically we took a gamble with a new WAHM and lost.

The only defect on these diapers are the snaps – some of the diapers are fine, but some of them have snaps falling off – this is because the WAHM did not snap them on tight enough, so with use, a snap would just fall off.

Please note at this clearance price, if snaps fall off in the future, Tiny Tapir can replace them, but you will need to make your own arrangements to send to us to repair + to have them sent back to you – i.e. at these (very painful to us) prices, we won’t feel bad if you need to put yourself out to replace a snap at our convenience (please understand we’re a small business with very limited time and resources..) !


Chunkibunz diapers are either One Size All in One or One Size Fitted Diapers


Note from Li :

How much below our cost is it?  We paid full retail price for these diapers at US$19 and US$18 each – in the spirit of supporting and nurturing a small WAHM business (we were told each diaper took 6 hours to make!) – add shipping costs (for these bulky heavy diapers) onto that and then our lovely Malaysian 35% customs tax – and you will see we hardly made anything on these diapers as it is at the full previously listed retail price…

It seriously pains me to have to do this, because the Chunkibunz (other than the snap issue) is a really really great cloth diaper.  But with a defect rate of 3 out of every 10 diapers … it’s really too high for us to continue stocking them and have our customers pay those prices and still have the risk of snaps falling off.

I don’t want 1 substandard diaper brand to become representative of Tiny Tapir’s products – I work very hard to try to offer only the best value products in our shop!

If you have purchased a Chunkibunz in the past and are having snaps problems, please contact us for a refund to the current clearance price.


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