Chunki Love

Chunkibunz AIO one size and Fitted one size diapers have been on Clearance since Saturday – and we’ve sold quite a few now, am down to about half of what I had. So if you want a great deal, grab one now as the available prints are dwindling by the day

Here are the Chunkibunz inners – mostly she uses either Minkee or bamboo velour – and the material is SO soft and squishy you will not believe it.  Yes, that is a cuddle bubble minkee inner on the blue diaper on the top – these diapers have been SOLD so whoever bought that one has got an excellent deal 😉


Look at them stacked up just before I sent them out. These are just the online orders over the weekend – had a few of our favorite customers come on Saturday right after the sale was announced who picked up some sweet prints too.


Chunkibunz Outers that have gone on to good homes.  That delicious red apple on black print was a favorite of mine – so was that groovy retro orange stripe one.  And don’t you think that Black polka dot on pink is going to look REALLY lovely on some lucky little girl’s bot?

So head on over – at 50% off (below cost) prices, this deal should not (if there’s any justice in the world!) last long!

Chunkibunz are fantastic diapers except for the odd (1 in about every 6 diapers) loose snap – which is why these are going on major sale. They are made with top grade materials, are well sewn and feel really really luscious.  Not to mention the WAHM picked some gorgeous fabrics.  They do take some time to dry as they are all sewn together – but we think that’s a small price to pay for a really absorbant and functional diaper

These AIO / Fitted One sizes are somewhat different from other OS diapers too, because they have back snap adjustments for sizing too (most diapers only have front snap rise adjustments) which means a better fit on some babies.

Link to Chunkibunz AIO One size diapers at RM68 each only!

Link to Chunkibunz Fitted One size diapers at RM65 each only! (fitteds are great for letter your baby’s sensitive bottom have more air circulation)


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