Have you bought an Envirosax from us? Special Offer

There’s been a hiatus in blogging, because to be honest I’m pretty down about the whole Envirosax debacle in Malaysia.

The new distributor and Envirosax have really screwed Tiny Tapir by offering the Envirosax in Malaysia at RM25, whereas Tiny Tapir in good faith priced our products the same as the Singapore distributor had set for the South East Asian region.  We’re still holding a lot of stock that we took in as distributor back in December.  Stock that we bought at a total cost of around RM21 per single for the regular graphics and RM22.50 for the kids graphics.

We have learned that Envirosax has since changed their China manufacturer – we bet to one that was cheaper and there are rumors going around that the new bags have a high defect rate. That would make sense to us – if the Malaysian distributor are able to price the Envirosax here at even less than the US retail price. The new distributor is a large company (compared to Tiny Tapir anyway) – they definitely would only take in the Envirosax if they are able to make a significant margin on the products.

We don’t want our earlier customers to feel that we have over-charged them, which is why we are writing this post to explain the situation.

If you have bought an envirosax from us in the past, please contact me by email tinytapir at gmail dot com and we will give you RM8 off a RuMe Bag purchase for the regular sized original 11 designs. (normal price RM36 – your price RM28.  This offer is only good for until 31/3/09.

Honestly, after talking to all my downliners who have tried both brands, friends and family who have been given both by me – most prefer their RuMe – so I would like to give all current Envirosax users the chance to try a RuMe bag to see exactly why it is worth paying the more expensive price – you will get a sturdier, better looking, more comfortable to use bag that will last you longer and can hold more.

siliconvalley-1-2-3-4-5-6spring-1-2-3-4-5-6Contact us at tinytapir at gmail.com


2 thoughts on “Have you bought an Envirosax from us? Special Offer

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  2. Hi Girls,

    Truly sorry to hear you haev been played out by Envirosax. Sigh…..

    Times are tough and ruthlessness prevails even in a what is to be considered a ‘green’ company such as Envirosax and their new distributor in M’sia.

    I’ve been using RuMe bag I bought from you and have no complains. It’s roomy enough and holds my groceries nicely.

    I’m organizing an event on 26th March @ popUP Showroom (is my fashion showroom in Bangsar) in conjunction with movie relase of Confessions of a Shopaholic. We will be selling tickets to my customers to come for a spot of retail therapy & movie & free drinks. Details are being sorted out and will be posted on Working Girl and popUP Showroom groups on Facebook. I am interested to in using yr bags for goodie bags if within my budget ( around 50 pcs ) or one larger bag for my Lucky Draw winner. Would be great if you wanna come participate in this fun event itself marketing yr wares & services.

    Pls call me @ (019)211.3858 to discuss further.


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