Purse Pleasers

There’s no denying it. I have a big bag.

I have tried just about every purse organizer out there. Purseket, handmade ones from Etsy, Pursesitters, Gin & Jacqui ones etc…  None of them ever worked for me. Too big or too small, mostly way too floppy.

Maybe my bag is just too big… but in the end my bag would be messier because the soft, floppy purse ‘organizers’ would just flop over, things would fall out and it was just akin to having a lot of extra pockets in my bag where I would forget what was where. So you know, there would be me frantically digging in my bag trying to remember which pocket had what thing in it.  And then after using whatever it is I was looking for, I’d be in a rush so I’d just throw it back in my bag any old way.

Which just meant I would be reorganizing my bag every single night otherwise it would just be a big disorganized mess again.

Finally I saw the Purse Pleaser.

At first I was pretty resistent – after all, it’s akin to putting a big plastic thing in my bag – wouldn’t it make it heavier, would it really help… But after suffering still from a big messy bag, I gave up and ordered one from the US to try.

And now… what bliss.  After 1 months of using it, I can’t imagine going back to how my purse was before.

Behold… close to perfection :


There’s lovely very obvious compartments for everything – space enough for my daily planner, Beauregard (my very cute monkey cup warmer), my RuMe Mini, a Rooshopper, my wallet, dental floss, post it notes, band aids (I admit it, I’m pretty clutzy), lip gloss, pens and everything else.  My (very way too many) keys sit in a pouch on top of everything.

It’s so much easier for me to take things out of and put things back in my bag and easy to see whether I’ve left anything out when I’m rushing out the door in the morning. yay!


Big bonus – it’s easy for me to change out bags over weekends, just lift out the entire tray and put it in my weekend bag.

The purse pleaser is the perfect size for the medium roototes, but for some variations, here it is being used in a medium and small sized bag.


In every set you will get the parts to make up the Small, Medium and Large settings.  I don’t notice that it has added a lot of weight to my bag at all, but as most people can attest my bag pre-purse pleaser often felt like it was filled with rocks anyway with all the papers inside it.  Now I suppose at least all my rocks are organized!

Because I love my pursepleaser so much and Joanna over at Paperdoll really wanted one too  (I love you Joanna, but seriously, I could not let go my ONLY purse pleaser and go back to having a disorganized bag! 😛 lol) Tiny Tapir has got in a small order of these for your instant gratification. When we say small, we mean it, as in less than 10 are left after handing out various ones to friends and for reviews!

You can check out the purse pleaser in person over at Paperdoll in Tropicana Mall, or at the Bungalow@Damai. Of course you can also buy it online at Tiny Tapir for RM150.

(Seriously you should make the trek to Paperdoll her dresses and corsets are to die for, and such great value!)


Purse Pleaser Testimonials :

Paris over at Mywomenstuff

Ee Laine (via email) : “I’m loving the purse pleaser! Never has my bag been so neat and organized! I gave the other set to my sis and she loves it too.”


8 thoughts on “Purse Pleasers

  1. The stuff people invent nowadays! My husband just came back from a dinner event and I showed him this.. he asked, “so is that what you want for your birthday..?”. Hmmmmm..I told him I’m still thinking 😛
    Look at all those bag organizers you’ve tried..! Any going as gently-used..?

  2. I don’t like them myself, I wouldn’t inflict them on others ler 😛

    I use them for random things around the house now, like to keep my washable face rounds and the gin & jacqui one I put a belt through it and use it as my change box for fairs and other events.

    Upcycling is green! LOL

  3. Li, Can this bag become a backpack, I mean instead of like handbag type?

    I’m like a school-children, love lull around with backpack so that my hands are free to….carry more bags! No-lah, to carry baby, to do things, kan?

    • Do you mean use it inside a backpack? Not sure how useful is it because backpack is really deep… maybe it’s better if you come and try it out in a backpack before deciding.

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