Mollyliner Cloth Pantyliners

Mollyliners are really cute pantyliners.

They’re thicker than typical pantyliners so can safely be used on those “heavy spotting” days or if you need just a bit more than a typical flannel pantyliner, but not as much as a full on pad.

Pantyliners are a great way to get into Cloth Padding, if you’re hesitant – just try 1 and I guarantee you will wonder what you were so hesitant to begin with!

Mollyliners are RM26 each – buy 3 or more and get 10% off

Mollyliner Cloth Pantyliners at Tiny Tapir


3 thoughts on “Mollyliner Cloth Pantyliners

  1. I love, love Mollyliner. It’s the same price as the other brand… I wished I got this brand only 🙂 I can use it for light flow even.

    Really worth the money!

  2. Wow these are nice, must try them one day…my Sugarmonkeys are way too seasoned since my last purchased from u…

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