11 thoughts on “Squee!!

    • @Hanim …. it’s supposed to be a secret… but I’m too excited!!!

      @ParisB, we’re looking at a ‘hard opening’ day somewhere in April after we get the kinks worked out. Looking for staff is the hard part 😦

  1. Wow! Li! Excellent!~Your new shop is so Tiny…so Tapir-leee furnished…^_^ really gona be a genuine signature shop for all of us to be indulged with… Keep us posted ya! Don’t worry about getting staffs.. Cheerio~ AnT~

    • yes, the shop is very ‘tiny’ so it is indeed very “Tiny Tapir” hahaha. πŸ˜‰

      Things are coming along, but slowly, but at least moving! We expect a soft opening on the 1st of April or so. (fingers crossed)

  2. LOLL Yes…please keep your fingers crossed because it is April Fool’s Day ^_^ Indeed an auspicious day for this special occasion πŸ™‚

    Cheerio~ AnT

  3. li, congratulations. hope 1st april will become reality and not april fool to be. hehehehe. do advertise in jobstreet. sure lots of people interest to work in tiny tapir. hehehehe

  4. Unfortunately we just couldn’t make the 1st April opening day 😦

    But the newest Tiny Tapir team member (shop manager) started work today so that’s a yay!

    Now we’re aiming for the coming Monday , i.e. 6th April 2009.

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