Organic Vanilla Beans!

I just made a purchase at the Green Vanilla Store and feel the need to rave 🙂


I bought the Pure Vanilla Sugar (RM10) and the Ground Vanilla Beans Powder (RM59).

They also kindly gave me a 3 pack of the Grade-A Certified Organic Bourbon Vanilla Beans for free!  I can’t wait till I can try using it to make some cupcakes on the weekend…

I got the Vanilla Sugar to drink with my daily cup of tea, but it also tastes divine in Coffee.  Just adding a teaspoon of it in my tea makes it taste so much warmer and aromatic.  Personally at RM10 for that jar – I think it’s very reasonable indeed! The only way it might be better is if they’d used brown sugar instead of white cane sugar, but then on the other hand the brown sugar might overpower the vanilla flavor.


Here’s what the site says about the Vanilla Sugar :

“This sugar adds an amazing kick to any milk-based drink or any hot beverages. You can even use this sugar to spice up your baked dishes and desserts. It taste great with hot cocoa, turns ordinary fried bananas (goreng pisang) into a sophisticated dish, and makes a great garnishing on custards and cupcakes.

Our gourmet products contain no artificial additives, preservatives or synthetic flavoring, alcohol and animal derivatives. We are committed to truth-in-labeling, and we assure you that we list out each and every ingredient we use in making our gourmet products…nothing hidden at all!

How to Use
Our Vanilla Sugar is great in baking and making desserts in place of vanilla extract. One tablespoon of vanilla sugar have the flavoring power of about 1/4 tsp vanilla extract. Refill with plain sugar each time after using (the exact amount that you have used) and give the jar a good shake. The flavoring power of the vanilla bean pieces in the sugar will last to up a year with proper storage.

For beverages like tea, coffee and cocoa, use a scant 1/4 teaspoon per cup/mug or a teaspoon per pot. Then, add plain sugar to the pot as usual. Use very hot water. Vanilla sugar also makes a wonderful addition to smoothies, milk-shakes, yoghurt and ice-cream. Sprinkle it over your fruits and cereals, cakes and custards, even your roast chicken and baked potatoes.”

That goreng pisang option sounds… *droool* … but am supposed to be trying to monitor my diet so I guess I’m not going to be trying that!!


The Vanilla powder is 100% pure ground Vanilla beans.  It truly looks 100% pure and very rich and dark. The smell is very strong (in a good way)

” You will not find 100% pure freshly ground vanilla beans like this anywhere in the market. This is simply because we make our ground vanilla beans from our own certified organic Grade-A Gourmet Bourbon Vanilla Beans. It doesn’t contain any sugar, preservatives and additives. Our ground vanilla is NOT made from used or exhausted vanilla beans or grade B & C beans like most ground beans available in the market. We dry our beans to a certain moisture level and ground them. That’s it! Our ground vanilla is absolutely gorgeous with the aroma still intact and a very rich, delightfully permeating flavor. It is a delicious and convenient alternative to whole vanilla pods (30g ground vanilla powder may consist of about 15-20 vanilla pods!). It takes about 6kg of vanilla beans to make just 1kg of ground vanilla powder!

Our gourmet products contain no artificial additives, preservatives or synthetic flavoring, alcohol and animal-derivatives. We are committed to truth-in-labeling and we assure you that we list out each every ingredient we use in making our gourmet products….nothing hidden at all. We use only the best quality ingredients in our products. We may be very frugal on our packaging but we would never ever compromise the quality of our ingredients.”

Tiny Tapir loves that philosophy!  The packaging is basic, but still very clean and pretty, the focus is all in the product, as it should be!

Still haven’t decided how I am going to use up this vanilla flavoring, but it is so tempting to start baking and baking now

Lastly the vanilla beans … I didn’t buy it at first because I am not sure what to do with them (not being much in the way of gourmet cooking, haha), but I’m so glad I got the chance to smell it – it’s DIVINE!  I honestly spent 5 minutes just smelling it through the plastic packaging LOL

More experiments with Vanilla to come, but in the meantime , check out their store : — free delivery in Malaysia, very reasonable costs and very high quality product, so if you’re even a part time baker, it’s totally worth supporting this Malaysian based company.

Or even if you’ve run out of sugar for your daily beverage – definitely you need to try this out!  (at RM10, it’s really a bargain to try the jar of vanilla sugar at least)


6 thoughts on “Organic Vanilla Beans!

  1. Wow Li…those vanilla beans and sugar looks divine….am dying to try them when I next make some more cookies and cupcakes for Diba. Too bad, can’t find anything like that over here 😦

  2. Wow, Li, you BAKE! I love to eat only.
    Anyway, didnt expect that Green Vanilla is a Malaysian online store. The stuff they put up, feels like looking thru an overseas online store, until I noticed the pricing..! I could nearly SMELL the vanilla scent while clicking away..hee heee…oooo that vanilla sugar looks tempting..sprinkle over cereal..I can do that. YUMMMMEHH!

    • umm… I used to bake, does that count? Seems like nowadays I also only eat, and then go count stock. HAHAHA

      Yes, i’m very impressed with Green vanilla, they do look very much like an overseas store. And the prices are SO reasonable!!!

  3. Hi Li..Omigosh! You saw me drinking hot chocolate? Really blessed to have such an understanding friend like you 🙂
    Eventho’ I am not a fan of vanilla but it is very tempting to hear that you find it divine to have it with your tea! RM10 is indeed very reasonable to give it a try.. Please give me at least 2 girlfriend loves milk I hope she will love it as well 🙂

    Erm..talking about my next order? I really wonder I am still waiting for you to revert on the Shinzisss…perhaps you can remember when you do your inventory again ^_^

    Cheerio~ AnT

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