It’s Earth Hour Today

Earth Hour is coming up later today (in precisely 11 hours i.e. at 8.30pm today).

It’s commendable that so many people are going to make the effort, but I still feel a little uneasy about it.  I haven’t really managed to put my finger on WHY exactly, but it just feels a little bit gimmicky to me.

Yes, it’s great if everyone switches off their non-essential lights for an hour, but there are 8,759 other hours in the year – what about those?

Suffice to say, even if a person keeps their lights on tonight from 8.30pm to 9.30pm, if, on every other day of the year they don’t use Air Conditioning unless absolutely necessary, unplug appliances when not in use, only on lights when there’s no sunlight coming in the window and uses an energy saver on their electricity box – they’re still doing more for sustaining our living conditions than someone who just turned their lights off for an hour.

Yes, I realize it’s for solidarity – to uplift everyone to be educated about the issues and maybe to think about what’s happening on our planet.

I just feel that the solution needs to be long term, small changes in our general practices (like not leaving lights on in office buildings after hours – what’s that about?!) which will have a greater impact.

There’s the fear that perhaps events like Earth Hour make it easier for someone to say “Well, I did my bit for the planet this year already” just by switching their lights off for an hour.

That said, Tiny Tapir will be at the CapSquare Earth Hour event today with a small stall, and participating in the fair and Walk of Hope that’s going on at CapSquare today.  It will definitely be a novelty dining and shopping in the dark!

There’s a RM10 fee to participate in the Walk of Hope but you do get free goodies (a tshirt and reusable bag – we haven’t seen it, but hopefully it’s not one of those ‘greenwash’ bags which pretend to be ‘green’ but break after a few uses), and all proceeds go towards WWF.

See you there!


3 thoughts on “It’s Earth Hour Today

  1. Great to see you supporting the cause. Like so many people, I’m hoping the WWF has some long term programs up their sleeve to inspire people towards a life of conservationism. I’d hate to see it go the way of Live Earth which fell silent after that bang of global proportions in 2007.

    • hi Damien, we’ll support anything that can possibly convince even 1 more person to think about sustainability issues.

      I think WWF tries its best, given that there’s talk that it’s roots back in the day were actually about land grab issues in Africa, I think they do good work today, but like with any big organization that’s been around a while (or any organization for that matter), there will always be criticism. I really don’t want to be an armchair critic though.

      As my brother says, I guess doing a little is still better than doing nothing at all.

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