Earth Hour at Cap Square 2009

Earth Hour was organized by WWF in order to raise awareness of environmental issues.  Although I’m not sure entirely whether participants totally understood what they were switching off their lights for 1 hour was, it’s still a start to get maybe 1 person out of a hundred to think about their own energy consumption.

Oh, and not sure whether the use of candles instead of electric light is really that much better in terms of energy consumption since candles require raw materials to make as well as packaging and fuel to transport from manufacturing company to our supermarket shelves…

Here are some photos from our stall on the day. (we brought 3 zoobies to use as display and ‘tablecloths’, they weren’t for sale on the day)

Response was pretty good, mainly driven by the really cheap Envirosax (we’re clearancing them at RM20 each at fairs we participate in until stock runs out).

It was a pretty good event, did anyone else attend the Capsquare event? Any thoughts?

Here’s a photo heavy post over at Tongue In Chic covering the day.


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