Update on the Ampang Park Store

No, this isn’t an April Fool’s day prank  😛

The Ampang Park store is moving long and renovations are more or less completed. Here’s a couple of photos for you sneak peakers.

We’re starting to move the inventory in already so it’s very exciting. And we’ve hired our shop manager too 🙂 We think she’s lovely and hope you all will like her too!

I really don’t think I have enough of those drawers for the cloth diapers though…. LOL!!


Through the middle of the shop


Our cloth diaper drawers.

Our contractor did a great job and we’re pretty happy with the way it turned out. Just a few finishing touches and we’ll be completely ready to open!

Yes, we’re moving a lot slower than hoped, so I guess you can say we are more like the Tortoise than the Hare – hopefully our outcome is as good as it was for the Tortoise too.


5 thoughts on “Update on the Ampang Park Store

  1. Awesome! hehe glad I didn’t come by to shop today… I will wait till you say it’s all done (and all the stuff is in). So exciting!

  2. Haha I actually was thinking of peeking on the 28th coz I was around that area. I haven’t been to Ampang Park for so long, guess soon there’d be a reason 🙂

  3. @Dani – yes you must definitely come to the new shop 🙂 such an improvement over the old, haha.

    @Hanim – Ampang Park is great actually. I always lived in this area but used to rarely go to A.P., but when I ‘rediscovered’ it, I really like it – not over-airconditioned and full of really cute little shops (not trendy, but been around a long time with good products). And the foodcourt is really good!

    @Bonnie – haha… I have enough difficulty getting this one in KL up and running, let alone a plane ride away in KK!!! You’ve already got some super CD shops there already lah 😉

  4. Imagine stacks and stacks of colourful pretty diapers adorning those shelves and drawers..I’d think I’d died and gone to heaven!!

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