Doodlebug – Arts Series

Doodlebug is now holding activities full blast at the Bungalow@Damai. Tiny Tapir will be helping to promote (only natural as we’re in the same place!) the Doodlebug programs, so here’s the first series (click to enlarge).

Arts series are for serious little artists, photographers and bakers!  Have a look at the innovative classes offered below – you are sure to find one that your little one will love.

doodlebug-art-seriesAll classes are RM35 per session (casual rate), except Mini Bakers which is RM45 per session (as it includes all raw materials)

Sign up for Doodlebug membership & opt for a Doodlebug passport for 4 sessions of your chosen class at a discounted rate +  1 free session for any other class, and other exciting perks!

Call Marsy at 012 353 0501 or email mydoodlebugdiary at to sign up


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