Cloth Diaper debuting now in Malaysia! Grobabies!

There’s a new diaper in town and if I know anything about diapers (well, I think I know a bit) it’s going to be a huge hit.


Grobaby cloth diapers are the very latest (they only were available for sale in shops last month) cloth diaper system.  They’re made by the Natural Baby Co – same manufacturers as for the fabulous and long time favorite Dream Eze Diapers.  Grobabies are already surpassing the Dream Eze as the new favorites!

What’s so great about this system ?


It’s a one size diaper that has shown in the US will fit from tiny newborns all the way up to 4 year old potty learners.  It’s an All in Two, so that means the separate soaker is quicker to dry – plus AI2s are really money saving because you only need 1 cover while you can switch out the inserts for a whole “new” diaper!

That’s nice and compact for travel diapering, daycares and also lightens your load for laundry day.

The soakers are also a luxurious 100% certified organic cotton all the way through which minimizes the risk of allergies, rash and irritations.

The snaps are YKK snaps – super industrial strength, they won’t just snap down when your baby is being especially active.  These snaps are much stronger and sturdy than the standard snaps


The closure system uses proprietary closure tabs and a soft hook and loop system – so you won’t scratch your baby’s soft skin!  At the same time it’s strong enough to hold for active toddlers.  And you don’t need to fiddle with snaps and can crossover the tabs as much as you want

Tiny Tapir has only got a very limited number of these this round so come grab them while you can!


Link to the Grobabies at the Tiny Tapir shop

Plus Tiny Tapir is offering FREE COURIER SHIPPING FOR ANY PURCHASE WITH A GROBABY because we want the word to get out about these lovelies FAST!

9 thoughts on “Cloth Diaper debuting now in Malaysia! Grobabies!

  1. Just got mine last Saturday. Sure think its gonna be a hit. Think I’ll get more when i’m done selling my current stash.

  2. I’m doing the math… the lady at the store said, 2 came and bought the Grobaby in the morning… so that was Hanz and Qaty. Haha… are we addicted to internet or what? it was so tempting when I saw it on the blog 🙂

  3. If wasnt wawa was about to TT, I’ll get one too.. Haha..nevermind, I’ll keep my shopping spree next time when I’m ready to have baby #2.. Enjoy your new grobaby ladies!

  4. Nice meeting you too Li. DD loves her Grobaby, since she was the one who choose the colour. I want more, but gotta sell my old ones first. Keeping my fingers crossed that u still have stock…
    Oh and the scootababy rocks! I’d get one if I’m having another baby.

  5. Ooh, i’m so jealous with u guys! If i’m in M’sia i’ll definitely go to Li’s shop and buy this Grobaby diaper! And drooling over the other nice cool stuffs Li has in her shop 🙂 I’m wondering if the shipping cost to Brunei is reasonable… hmm… Or wait till Hari Raya when i go back to KL… 😦

  6. @bonnie, i wouldn’t worry. grobabies are definitely here to stay!

    @qhatijah, your DD has great taste 😉 We’re getting more stock in as we speak, so no problems there. I love the scoota too! and your DD was SO CUTE when she came to give it back to me! It’s the BEST seeing kids the first time they are properly ‘worn’!!!

    @mazlina, shipping you can calcuate here – wah, hari raya is a long way away 😉

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