Scootababy Restocked

Scootababies are now all restocked in all patterns, with 2 new colors for the V2 styles – plain black and plain taupe.

We also managed to scoop up the last 5 of the V1 styles  with the black jellybean inners.  V1 is better for more petite moms as they have a shorter body than the V2.

Scootababy is the best quick up / down carrier we know of. Stows quickly and neatly in the included drawstring pouch and is superbly comfortable for both baby and carrier using the natural hip carrying position (newer V2 style can also be used for back carry).

Check out these great in action photos

Want to try them out for yourself? Come to the Tiny Tapir Baby Ampang Park store, open daily 11am to 8pm at unit 3.64 (between the Foodcourt and the post office).

Link to Scootababy in Malaysia on the Tiny Tapir webstore.

Scootababy Safety

All Scootababy components have been 3rd party tested for lead content using X-ray Fluorescence technology, and are well below the limits set by the CPSIA. Scootababy consistently reorders components from the same U.S. suppliers, and will retest if there are any changes.


One thought on “Scootababy Restocked

  1. So the food court is next door to the shop? Good location 😉 I will come by to look at the Scootababy’s – I need a back up wearing item – and bub is a 4 month old in a 9 month’s body so I will need comfort carrying him!

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