Interview in

We’ve been featured on Parenthots – go check it out!


The interview is on Cloth Diapering, Babywearing and other natural baby care things.  Click the image above, or click here


2 thoughts on “Interview in

  1. Good job Li! Must create awareness as much as we can. Just to share, I have some friends who asked “why do you use cloth diapers on your kids?” and I answer, “because I want to be a friend to our environment” (or something to that effect)..some of them rolled their eyes while saying “okaay yeah yeah…”.

    So, go Li go!

  2. 🙂 Millie, you should tell them :

    “because i think cloth diapers are better for my babies’ health”


    “because cloth diapering is cheaper than disposable diapering on the long run”…

    ok maybe the 2nd one doesn’t count much when the CD addict bug bites 😛

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