Tiny Tapir Baby Retail Shop

Some of you might already know that the Tiny Tapir Baby Retail shop has been open for a while now.

We’re only just now almost done with all the stocking, so it’s a good time to post up some of the lovely photos! Hope you like the look as much as we do!


Our shop front :).  The mannequin display will change frequently to show all our different types of carriers.

Notice our little amended logo – the Tapir on the Tiny Tapir Baby shop has a little bow tie in her hair, courtesy of Purr Designs, our fabulous logo designer.


Here’s our Shop Manager Baiti (no we didn’t make her dress in purple like our Tiny Tapir logo, it was just a coincidence).  Baiti will be at the Ampang Park shop most of the time, except when we have Fairs or other events, then you’ll see her at the events.  Not to fret though, the Ampang Park shop will be open every day from 11am to 8pm even when we do have other events, the shop will be manned by our lovely part time helpers – right now Nisha (our budding lawyer student) will be at the shop.  Haven’t grabbed a photo of her yet…


Just inside the front of the shop near the entrance is a little sofa / play area for parents to take a load off and for any children with them to play on the carpet area (we do ask please do not wear shoes on the carpet if possible).  We will bring a few more toys there later, but it seems like most of the kids prefer playing with the pillows anyway!!

More photos of the inside of the shop and our products later on.  Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek in!

The Tiny Tapir Baby Shop

Unit 3.64 Ampang Park Shopping Center

Cnr Jalan Ampang & Jalan Tun Razak (opposite Nikko Hotel) – there’s a direct LRT stop to the Ampang Park shopping center too

Opening Hours 11am to 8pm Daily

Shop tel number : (603) 2161 8475


15 thoughts on “Tiny Tapir Baby Retail Shop

    • hi Penny, thanks for visiting. We’re working on making it a better shopping experience and new products arrive there every week. Do let us know your thoughts on how you think things can be improved, we’d love to know 🙂

  1. It’s vuurrrrry nice there, can’t wait to go back again! How about putting a baby mannequin wearing a CD in the shop window? A Starbunz one!

    • Hi Dani! Yeah, gotta find a suitable baby mannequin. Strangely this is quite hard… can we borrow Charlie for a while? ;P

  2. Hello,
    I’ve been to your store last 2 weeks with my husband. It sure looked cozy and inviting. Baiti was very nice and helpful 🙂 Had my hands on all the CDs hahahha cant resist and grabbed three AIOs. yeay! I’ve told about my trip to your store to my sis, (shes a newbie to CD) and Im sure she’ll pay you a visit!

    It would be very helpful if you could put a list of CDs name on each drawer, so that everything is organized, and also to assist CD-addict-mommies-gone-berserk-in-your-store (like me!) to know that they have checked on every drawer’s content.

    • Thanks mrsY! Yes, need to get the CD drawer labels organized 😛

      I couldn’t think of a better way to keep the CDs, although I got some complaints that it’s hard to see them like that 😦

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  4. Dearest Li

    Congratulations on your new baby Tapir store!! 🙂

    Wow. It looks more spacious now than before! So comfy ..looks more like a Tiny day care centre than a retail shop you know!! LOLL 😀


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