Grobaby Love


To anyone who has encountered us at fairs and such recently, it would be pretty obvious that we at Tiny Tapir have a lot of  Grobaby Love.

Why do we love it so much? Let us count the ways…

1. Cost savings!!!

If calculating from Newborn to Potty Learning, Cloth diapering with the Grobaby full time can cost as low as RM47 per baby over a period of 3 years!

This is using the Gro Baby guidelines that you will need around 12 shells + 24 soaker pads + 16 boosters.

12 Shells (with 12 Boosters + 12 soakers included – RM1,260

12 spare soakers (each soaker comes in a pack of 2, so you’d need to buy 6 packs) – RM432

16 boosters (each booster comes in a pack of 2, so you’d need to buy 8 packs) – RM360 (note you probably don’t need this many boosters unless you have a monster heavy wetting baby)

Total :- RM2,052 divided by 36 months = RM57 per month!

Now, given that I’m assuming this is your entire stash, you probably won’t have anything to sell by the end of the 3rd year so there wouldn’t be any recuperation of costs there (daily use of any item of clothing for 3 years would pretty much wear it out completely, so it’s the same principle for cloth diapering) – but still, it must be said that RM57 per month is definitely cheaper than buying disposable diapers.

Compare this with the only other one size cloth diaper we stock that I’d recommend for newborn upwards (other one sizers would only work out at around 4 weeks or so) – the Rumparooz G2 with the fabulous double leg gussets – each solid color Rumparooz G2 (comes with the 6R insert included) is RM105.

To get 36 Rumparooz diapers would cost RM3,780.

Assume that you could probably sell off about 16 of those once your baby reaches 6 months or so for say 60% of your retail price :

Initial cost of 36 Rumparooz : RM3,780

Less selling off 16 when your baby reaches 6 months or so : RM1,000

Total cost RM2,780 divided by 36 months = RM77 per month

Don’t get us wrong, the Rumparooz are really great diapers, and really have no comparison especially for those runny poops, and every stash should probably have 1 or 2.

2. A more compact stash

Because it’s an AI2, going out with your cloth diapers just got a whole lot less bulky. Check out this post on the Cloth Diaper Whisperer for a comparative picture.

Also your laundry load will be smaller than with pockets or fitted systems – Grobaby claims it up will be up to 40% less! That means less water, detergent and electricity needed to clean them and less space on the hanging up line.

3. All natural!

Of course we are not referring to the waterproof part of the Grobaby, because the only waterproof fabric in nature is wool.  However all the soaker material (what touches your baby) is 100% organic cotton!  This is super absorbent, gets softer and softer over time and is very gentle on the baby as it’s a breathable natural fiber with few irritants.

4. Gentle hook and loop system

One of the great things about the Grobaby is the proprietary hook and loop system.  Unlike other traditional hook and look, there are no horrible scratchy bits – everything is lovely and soft so baby’s belly won’t get scratched.  Seriously, if you see the hook and loop you will fall in love too!


Of course some caveats.  There isn’t one cloth diaper that will fit every single baby out there the best – because every baby is different, different babies will suit different cloth diapers better.  However, the Grobaby is great on fit for most babies because of the really great unique closure system.

Grobaby is made by thenaturalbabyco which has brought us cloth diapering classics like the Dream Eze Fitted and All in One diapers and the Wonderwrap One size cover. Their products are widely known for their fantastic quality.

The Grobaby cloth diapers will be restocked at Tiny Tapir by the end of this week. To facilitate faster processing once they physically arrive at our shop we’re taking preorders now – all preorders need to be paid within 2 days (or they will be cancelled) and fully paid preorders will enjoy free registered mail shipping within Malaysia.  Click here to jump to the Grobaby listing in the Tiny Tapir store

(there are no bulk discounts for the Grobaby in Malaysia yet – but you can expect to see some by July when we have more stock!)


4 thoughts on “Grobaby Love

  1. Hi,

    I’ve used Grobaby and I love it, I think it’s more convienient and less hassle-free compared to using pocket diapers. Will your shop be selling the soaker sets? I’ve noticed that you only sell the shell set and the booster set on your website.


  2. I want to make the change to cd but I’m not too sure which one to get. I’ve read great reviews for both Grobaby and BumGenius. Could you advise me on which is better between them both or another brand if there is a better one.

    ps I got the MobyWrap from ur store a couple of weeks ago, bub loves it!

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